Aeromotive Pr0ns - Lockheed P38 Lightning

Told y'all I was going to do this...

The year is 1937 and the United States is requesting, on Circular Proposal X-608 a set of specifics for what they want in a fighter craft. They wanted a high-altitude, high-performance craft to go up, catch some folks and deliver them a warm plate of death.
Later in the year, Lockheed came forward with the goods and won the contract. Construction began July of 1938 (hence the "38" in nomenclature) and Lockheed -- since, "Lockheed Martin" -- has been raking yours and my tax money ever since, in spite of my repeated attempts to be employed by them.

No further history lesson or specification regurgitating will be necessary, as either of you will likely be bored or otherwise wouldn't care, so I will just make with the photographs.

This will be my first foray into the "aeromotive pr0ns" in the blog, but with ideas gotten just in my collecting of THESE images, it won't be anywhere NEAR my last.
Thanks to Barry for this plan as an idea.


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