Classic German Automotive Pr0ns - BMW M1

It's the late 70s, back when I might have been an itch in my daddy's pants, as my mama so succinctly puts it and BMW wants to get into road racing. Strange bedfellows is how I might describe what happened as a result, as Italian carmaker Lamborghini comes in and makes enough coaches in order for BMW to get homologation sufficient to participate in some certain racing series. This was the only mass-produced mid engine BMW, if one can call 456 total cars "mass" production.
Recently, BMW made a 30th Anniversary version dubbed the "Hommage" edition, so I will make this blog inclusive of both the OG and redux versions. Know that a lot of the Hommage ones are CGI or renderings, but DAMN that thing is sexy. No, I am not going to break up the images to differentiate Original and "Hommage," nor will I differentiate the roadgoing ones from the race cars.

Find the gallery here.
As I did this one, I noticed a couple things...
  1. Automotive pr0ns is a LOT like people pr0ns...
    Stay with me here
    As I look back at these images of the original M1, I think of how OLD it looks, and it takes my appreciation of automobiledom (new word, HA!) to not judge it in 2009 terms. The same can be said when one goes onto their internets and finds OLD pornography clips, where the women have major bush and are not starving themselves to be unattainably perfect in figure -- except for in some black porn, where anything goes, stretch marks, bullet/stab wounds, dumb tattoos and all.
  2. This car reminds me a LOT of the Lotus Esprit Turbo, which I have just decided as I type this now, will be making it into one of these really soon.


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