Aeromotive Pr0ns - Lockheed F35 Lightning II

Uncle Sam sent down the requirements in 1996 and Lockheed was on the job... In 2001, they delivered the "Joint Strike Fighter," a multipurpose craft set to be able to provide air support, fighter roles, tactical bombing and air defense... What you might NOT know is that this sumbitch can take off and land from vertical. Youtube it, it is a sight to damned behold.
The demonstrator arrived in 2000, and the maiden voyage was 2006. My understanding is that this is to be the premier craft for its role(s) until 2040, unless the Mayans were right after all.

Again, I will not bore those who do not care with technical specifications that they can find through a simple Google search, but I WILL offer that Northrop Grumman, who was in on the design of the plane, offers that in the new tools of fighter jets, that "maneuvering is irrelevant," as the plane uses radio frequency awareness to remain locked on ALL craft in the vicinity, has a display in the pilot's helmet, and weapons can be selected from what that display shows instead of even NEEDING a dashboard or heads up display.
When I return from wiping myself, I will make with the pretty pictures.

Link to the gallery can be found right here.


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