Frenchie Automotive Pr0ns -- Peugeot 308 RCZ

This would be one that I knew nothing about until about 7:45 last night, and decided right then and there that it would be making the blog this morning.
Obviously one can see that this is a bit of a sendup of the Audi TT, but on the whole, it is very prettily done, so I am not mad one little bit. As usual, one can PROBABLY expect that it will never go on sale in the United States of America. At this point, the car is still a concept to be fully revealed next month at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, at which point we'll know details like which axle the engine will be driving or even what engine that will be. I am kinda interested in this, even though I will never own this car.

Anyway, on to the images.

Gallery is here as well.
For those who might be concerned about where these images are coming from; what I do is a Google Image Search, changing up the terms so as to get as many different images of my subject(s) of the day, then I save and rehost them, so as to not hog anyone's bandwidth or have them change the image to something else that might be quite embarrassing - seeing how I whore my blog out to anyone who will read it - and I do not remove their watermarks, of course.


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