British Automotive Pr0ns - Lotus Esprit

The year?
That'd be 1972, my parents are still in High School.
This is also the year that British automaker, Lotus unveils a concept car at the Turin Auto Show based on a WAAAAAY futuristic at the time face, based upon the Europa chassis. Originally named "Kiwi," but that would be surely shitcanned sometime soon thereafter, seeing as how Lotus cars' names all begin with "E."
The car would make production in 1976, and would continue as such in varying levels of advancement until 2004, for a run lasting longer -- and THROUGH -- cars that copied it, including the BMW M1 from earlier today. Aided by being lightweight and being James Bond's car in "The Spy Who Loved Me," the cars were quite popular. They were said to handle and steer like a dream, two attributes that people STILL give up to Lotus even to this day.
The years would see changes made in the car's drivetrains and appointments from the hands of 3 different designers and several workings of the engines, including a turbocharger for the 4-cylinders and small-sized twin-turbo V8s. As I look back over the history for this post, I am noticing that these cars made more power than was customary for some of the production years, though for what these fuckers cost (basing in the low-$30k range at the beginning and low-$90k at the end in 2004), they'd damned fucking well better.
This will be a mix of all model years and trim levels, as I will promise to do with any model that stretches like this one.

I know there are a bunch of pics in this one, and the gallery can be found here.


Anonymous said…
I should get one of these -Josh

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