In the kitchen with Phlip -- Shrimp Cakes!

            This is a concept that I have ATTEMPTED three times before finding success with it.  I would say “with varying degrees of success,” but I would hardly refer to anything that even I left the situation saying “it was good, but not like earth-shattering or anything…” myself as a success.
It turns out quite simply that I was overthinking it.

            Inspired by the mountain of leftovers back at Christmas – and a meatball recipe I'd devised ONLY for the holidays but have been demanded to revisit – I realized that this would be DEAD-ass simple.

You will need…

2 bags of peeled, deveined, tail-off RAW shrimp:
(did y’all notice that bags of shrimp are now coming in 12oz instead of a pound these days?)

You WILL need to use raw, because already-cooked shrimp will be too tough when you finish.

1 box of Stovetop Stuffing:
(I preferred the Savory Herbs one, but you can use whichever you choose)

1 medium-sized yellow onion:

Seasonings to your taste, minced garlic, ⅔-cup chicken stock, ¼ cup of milled flax seed (or bread crumbs, crumbled crackers or any combination of the three) and 3 eggs (none of these items pictured)

Now it is time to cook, and it will be TERRIBLY simple…  Start with cutting the shrimp in half and diced the onion:
(sorry, I cut the onion yesterday morning and didn't photograph it when doing so)

Making it all come together is as simple as “everyone in the pool.” and then mix it all up until it starts to thicken:
(look, I KNOW it's not pretty right now, but gimme a few minutes!)

Go ahead and put your oven on 375° while you’re mixing everything together.  Now break out your handy dandy MUFFIN PAN and some cupcake liners (ease of cleanup, thank me later):

Set the cups into the pan and spray them with a shot of cooking spray (ease-of-release, again thank me later).  Spoon the shrimp/stuffing mixture into the cups:

Now, put them into the oven until cooked through – about 40-45 minutes...

All games aside, here is the final product:

Expect turnout to be about 17 of them.



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