How America Could Have BENEFITED from "Fiscal Cliff" Negotiations

(fiscal Cliff, get it?)

            With all this “fiscal cliff” talk, I was thinking that even though there WAS some kind of agreement reached, that what we the American people will be given will be of no real benefit to us.  With that said, our elected government that is supposed to be “by the people, for the people” will continue to be shown as anything but.
I think I could propose a better solution, one that keeps the American people involved and interested in the process, as well as subsidizing the process in and of itself at the same time.  The Huffington Post reports that the exchanges between Harry Reid and John Boehner became quite heated, with each accusing one another of being more about their party than the common good of the American people.  It is said that at least twice that Boehner told Reid “go fuck yourself.”

            To be totally honest, I would have gladly paid this $5 bill I have in my pocket right now to witness this taking place.  Some Americans – not me, mind you, just “some” – are interested enough in the process to want to see it as it unfolds.  The back-and-forth of it all, the contentious moments and all might make for better television than a representative 84% of the crap that advertisers are paying networks good money to promote their products during.
And that is where my idea enters…
See, exchanges on this level HAVE to be a regular occurrence, especially when dealing with two political parties hell bent on taking their own personally-convenient method of arriving to the NON service of the people who elected them.  The point, here, is that if this shit has to happen and no change that will actually matter will come of them, why in the HELL are these not being placed on commercial television for profit?  Soap, financial, technology, restaurants and car companies pay HUGE money to put banners up at arenas and to show commercials during all kinds of events – sporting or otherwise.  Why have we not allowed them to do the same to the House and Senate floors, arrange a system of cameras to tape the proceedings and broadcast them live (on a 7-second delay, of course).  Look, I know that 95% of the time, what happens is purely mundane, but we ALL know that at least once yearly that there will be one of THESE exchanges, and THOSE are the ones that the American people would be willing to be inundated with commercials to witness.  Selling commercial spots to anyone other than “official” sponsors will be to the highest bidders.  The amount of money that this would make would EASILY pay for all of the salaries/benefits of the do-nothing congresspersons.

            Any spillover after congress has been (over)paid would go directly to the deficit (or building surplus, as it were), with NO monies to be given to ANY special interest, no other groups would be allowed to put their hands in the pot, and no one could benefit from it but the American taxpayers.  Speaking of the American taxpayers, since they would no longer be on the hook for the paying the salaries of congress, those monies would ALSO go to the deficit/surplus.

            I imagine that if congress has to meet quarterly to have one of these heated meetings, it would be special-enough as a television event to warrant paid advertised televising.  Again, since advertisers are providing the cash, the event effectively pays for itself like the Superbowl or World Series or something.


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