Hotep Proposals

     We’ve gone on about the need for the strong Black family unit capitalizing on the fact that potential queens outnumber available kings by a wide margin.  No need to present any figures on that one, just believe it.

Or research it yourself and come back here when you’re ready.

     Heck, we even wrote a beautiful poem about it one time.

But the question seems to remain for some reason, “how?”
We’ve decided that today will be the day we focus on the answer to that question.

     First thing’s first…

You have to find the first one and work from there.  Meet her wherever you meet women.  The mall, Wal Mart Target, HBCU Homecomings, churches, WHEREVER.
That’s the easy part.  The hard part, now is getting her on board with your vision.  You’re going to have to sell her some dreams.  “Dreams,” as things so happen to be, are pretty much standard.  The house and kids things are a good place to start.
Once she is in the fold, the task of getting more queens involved is a group effort, not terribly dissimilar from shopping for groceries.  That is to say that this will work best with the input of all parties who intend to partake.
Get it?  You don’t get to pick all the wives, you BOTH – and then you all, once the group grows – have to do the shopping together.

     And yes, you will have to sell each of these women on sharing you and stand behind the strength of the family unit as reasoning to want to do so.  Need help?  Read the above-linked poem about it.

     Naturally, this will become a million times easier if you’re rich and happen to be able to sing.  Right, R. Kelly?

As it were, best practices are on you individually and I cannot teach you to talk to women.


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