They're Hungry

…  but do NOT feed the monkeys!

     We’re gonna talk about social media today…
What if I told you that RIGHT now and just about every day, there is someone who peruses your FaceBook profile to see what you’re complaining about?  They’re looking to see what ill has befallen you over the course of your day.  They’re looking to see what bad luck has come your direction.
They FEED off of it, they need it because it is easier to feast on the ills in other people’s lives than to do something about those in their own.  Depending on the level of petty or deep-seeded hatred this person may have for you, they are also quite pleased that it is specifically you having this particular conundrum.

     So don’t give it to them.
Let them starve.  Misery loves company and will create it from whatever strings it can grasp to do so, even in places where it is only perceived and doesn’t actually really exist.  You know your issues, and more importantly you should know your circle.  You know who has your back and who you can lean on for legitimate help with whatever issue you might so happen to be having at a juncture.  THOSE are the ones who need to know your lamentations and not a cavalcade of acquaintances lined up to look in the window to see you at your worst.

     The fucked up part of knowing people is how much you DON’T know.  What are they saying behind your back, and if it is not to people you know and trust to come to you about it then how do you correct or even get ahead of the situation?
Which of your 750+ FB friends is this?  Until/unless they start throwing subliminals your way, the truth might never know so treat them all as if they’re a member of a terror cell looking to gather intel to attack your life.

Keep your real life issues internal to the people who can and would do something about it.  Don’t feed negativity to those who sustain themselves on it.


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