(25) Dutch Automotive Pr0ns -- Donkervoort D8

You know, there are a lot of things to be known about the Netherlands, and not My Nether Regions, as none of you were invited to be there.
We know about the whole weed is legal thing, and we know about the Royale with Cheese. We know about Red Light Districts and we MIGHT know about Goldmember.
[Phlip note - oh wait, he was from Holland, wasn't he? Wait, is there even a fucking difference? I REALLY need to work on what I am willing to accept that I know about the world, gleaned from movies, don't I?]

Anyway... Gearheads know that the Lotus Seven was another copied and kit-car'd piece from the Parthenon of automobiledom, it seems that Lotus was all about getting shit abso-fucking lutely RIGHT for quite a while before damn near going belly up, then getting in bed with Isuzu and General Motors, but that is another blog for another time, should I so choose to go there.
Back to the Dutch... Netherlands-based automobile company Donkervoort has made a 1978-now company career on their take(s) on the Lotus Seven.

"But Phlip, why not just do the Lotus Seven?"

My blog, my rules...
I decided, as driven by an image I came across searching for another installment of the series, that I was doing the donkervoort and that is that.
This specific model has gone from 1993 to now through various trim levels, updates and packages. Noteworthy changes, though maintaining easily recognizable overall shape, have been changes from Ford to Audi/VW engines.

Looked quirky and cool enough to for me to push forward with, and I have committed the requisite research for this post, so I will now make with images.

Gallery is here.


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