(21) Samuel L Jackson for president

What with a health care "reform" that I am not sure I can all the way be on board for or even benefit from, based upon my understanding of it and the lack of tangible change otherwise to the noticeable good of the whole of the American public. Things being as they are, barring some major changes, I am not all the way sure I will want to vote for Barack Obama in 2012...
I thought about this long and hard. His being black(ish) had less to do with it to me than it did to others -- whether they admit it or not -- compared to him being the lesser of evils at the time when I went in to vote back in October 2008. One MIGHT think that the GOP, given a clear and concise view of what the voting public is and isn't fucking fed up with, would be foolish to drop the ball again and in such, will not be coming with another weak-ass candidate or a vice candidate who will damn the whole campaign.
That would ONLY be if someone involved is smart enough to learn from mistakes -- or epic phailures, as it were -- and adapt accordingly.

Back to me, though... I am not too sure about the way things have gone so far, what with the as-described-during-the-debates "spending orgy" and where the money will come from as it relates to taxes, so I am not going for another 4 years of Barack Obama.

No, I will be writing in Samuel Leroy Motherfuckin' Jackson, of the BMF party.
[Phlip note - BMF = Bad MotherFucker]

Look at his stance on the issues:
National Security - he got them snakes off that motherfuckin' plane.
Finance - He got his wallet back in the diner in Pulp Fiction, not to mention his handling of getting his money back in Menace II Society.
Family - Did you see how he handled those guys in "A Time to Kill"? 'Nuff said.
Leadership Experience - He was the head of NSA in "xXx," not to mention his military experience in "Basic," and as a police sergeant in "S.W.A.T." and this goes not to mention his making of young boys to men in "Coach Carter."
Spirituality - "What happened was a miracle and I want you to fucking acknowledge it." Need I say more?

Here, we find ourselves with a dude who dies in a whole bunch of the movies he has been in, yet finds himself chosen to do things like hosting the ESPY awards or playing the voice of God in an audiobook.

Humanizing him are his early bouts with addiction, but strengthening him is the fact that he came from that to have appeared in 68 films, grossing a record $7.42 BILLION dollars as of the 2009 Guinness book of world records. This also goes far to show how good a decision maker he is.
If you, like me, are tired of getting the same bullshit every 4 years, where a candidate does not much more than pissing on your leg while trying to convince you that it's raining, then join me in writing in your vote for Samuel Leroy Motherfuckin' Jackson.


Wayne Edwards said…
you got my motherfuckin vote.

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