(24) Shyne's newfound freedom(?)

Pre-emptive shout to the Homie Tony Grand$...
If you clicked and read that link, you saw the post that has me typing this right now. If you did not, at least do me the favor of listening to the song in this link before continuing, please?

Moses Leviy Jamal Barrow is missing the entire point of his path to the redemption of his career right now... We all know the rumors of Puff Daddy, um P. Diddy, err... Diddy, uhh Ciroc Obama, you know what? Fuck this... Sean Combs' history of completely coining his artists, ALL of them -- even Biggie -- for either their royalties, or straightup cash. This means, in my mind of minds, that he would have no reason NOT to be guilty of the rumored witness tampering around the time that Shyne was out to trial for causing Diddy and J-Lo to break up shooting up that club. When my money is long, I have the capital to approach this from one of three ways...
  1. I call potential witnesses and pay them to shut the fuck up.
  2. I call potential witnesses and pay them to say what I tell them to.
  3. I pay a Belizean import who I happen to employ an exorbitant amount of cash to go away to jail for about 10 years in the prime of his life and career.
    [Phlip note - put a pin in that one, I will come back to it]
To address #s 1 and 2 there, I advise that it WAS rumored that SOMEONE'S phone records indicated some witness fix surrounding that case. If his legal team had to respond to the rumors, Phlip's imagination begins to offer some plausibility to the rumor. Knowing the rumors that he NEVER denied about fucking his artists for publishing or charging them appearance fees for putting himself or even his cars in their videos without them even fucking asking lends to my belief of the rumor. Dude is a fucking snake, no matter what he may say about how much he hates turncoats or loves Scarface.
[Phlip note - yes, I was bored and watched the shitty VH1 show, don't judge me]

Anyway, if I was a "mogul" with a net worth in excess of $300million, why would I NOT use my money to my advantage. Note, here, I am not DEFENDING any of the fuckery. Maintaining actions of a bad human being usually lends to... well fuck it, "if it quacks like a duck," if you smell what I'm stepping in. If, as a named defendant in a cast, my defense team has access to identities of prosecution witnesses (I think), and had DAMN WELL be working on gathering information to keep my ass out of jail, at the expense of the freedom of whomever, as long as it ain't me.

Anyone who even slightly believes what I believe thinks that a trial goes not to the person with the best evidence or even in the favor of those who DESERVES the fair shake, but the one whose money lasts the longest. Suffice it to say that if my employers money is not longer than my own, then there is a major fuckup in the lines of communication here.
That said, though tried in court on very similar charges and having been in the damned car together, Puff walked and Jamal did a 9-of-10-year stretch. When faced with very believable information that witnesses were coerced to the side of Puff specifically as opposed to the defense on the whole -- which has the 50/50 of everyone either flying free or going to jail -- it seems that Puff's actions were only to save his own ass and that Jamal got a raw fucking deal.
Away with you, 9 years while Puffy does shitty reality shows on both of the major Viacom networks, trying to put together groups who could not collectively sell as well as the decently sellable Shyne, but also a jester/pet coon assistant to walk and get him some cheesecake help him to it.

I would think to myself "Man, when Shyne gets home, he gon' have some SHIT to say," what with having gotten screwed over into throwing away his life from age 21-30 for some shit he might have had some SHARED, but probably no, responsibility for. I know I would be salty. I know I am a mediocre-in-the-best-dream-I-ever-had rapper. However!!! I see, in my highly objective and fair opinion, Shyne as being at least good enough to have scored a couple singles to get on radio/video and a platinum plaque in the late 90s (the equivalent to selling 300k in 2010, for the record) with a dearth of famous guests. Look, I LOVE Barrington Levy, but hip hop was not checking for him in, or since, 1999... face it.
Anyway. As an artist, in the right machine and now with a certain infamy/notoriety and the since-I-been-in-jail paradigm shift in the culture of rap (think: 50 was talking shit while he was away...) SHOULD be able to make a ripple in rap without having to THINK about saying Puff's name when I come home.
But wait!
I (speaking as Shyne, here) know what happened at that damned club, AND I can write raps? I am betting that there is a composition notebook full of raps -- or perhaps a fucking book -- written over the course of that 9ish years about one of the biggest screwjobs in hip hop since the Cold Crush.
[Phlip note - I am not claiming that Shyne's plight is anything NEAR what Caz endured, but Caz didn't go to jail in the prime of his life/career over it... just sayin']
When I come home, after dealing with citizenship legalities for which I should be angry with my mother leading to deportation, should find the first studio I can get into and begin recording a tell-all audiobook of an album about just how fucked I was by the situation. Unless, of course, my lawyers advised me to the contrary.
That last part of the sentence, I (Phlip, here) might add, is the ONLY reason NOT to make that song/album.
Still, we find the boy out of the US, then out of the UK so now back in Belize... Knowing what I know about computers, Digital Audio Workstations, Ableton Live!, VST plugins -- and the internets -- he should have BEEN recording from wherever he was about as soon as right away. The information such a situation HAS to afford, along with the collective interest of the hip hop world HAS to be worth a gold album, which would sell 150k first week for a 2010 #1 debut and burn slow just following.

You're now 8+ months out of jail, have to have a WEALTH of information to offer the discourse on this subject from the first person and have clearly been advised by your legal representation with what you can and can't say... WHAT IN THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING ON?!!? GET SOME MONEY!!!
[Phlip note - oh shit, remove that pin from 8 paragraphs ago]
Perhaps, maybe just perhaps, you were handsomely compensated for the concession of keeping a dude who would have SURELY been accosted by Fleece "Booty Warrior" Johnson within 11 seconds of arriving to lockup?
Strangely, this appears to be the least shitty solution to both involved parties.
How, ask you?

  1. As a dude who has NEVER been unemployed from July 17, 1995 to now, I can BEGIN to say I would blame a dude for making roughly 50-75ish, maybe 100 times the amount I have made in my 15.5 years of employment BUSTING MY ASS, to sit in jail. I have BEEN to Belize before, and while it is beautiful, I would not want to live there until I am damn near 8-figures heavy.
    So there is one reason why Shyne would TAKE the money, pretend to be pissed at Puff for what appears to be a screwjob, then come out of jail and say nothing about it.

  2. As a well-known and now-infamously documented homophobe (oh noes!), I can understand the plight of a dude who will do what he must, to the extent of what he can afford, to keep the fatback out of his ass, word to Spoonie Luv.
    If I have 300+ million, 5-10 of that is peanuts when compared to having my asshole ravaged in jail while I make more babies than Lil Wayne and screw Q-List artists out of publishing and make reality TV shows...
    Unless some other rumors happened to be true, but this is The Musings of a Madman, not the Wendy Williams show so it is not my place to opine on what another man chooses to do in his bedroom(s). Anyway, any amount necessary to not get my doughnut punched that I can afford is money well spent, especially if the person willing to be paid to take the fall is on board with it.
    So there is another reason for Puff to OFFER money.
[Phlip note - keep in mind that these are OPINIONS, and not to be construed in any way for verified facts]

So here we are now, 10+ years removed from the incident that saw a man who was either innocent of what he went to jail for, or at least not as guilty as what he was convicted for in my opinion. This man HAS to have a story to tell, and would otherwise have nothing to lose, yet he comes out with a bad song about some shit that no dude fresh out of jail has any business making?
We have a dude whose career was put on hold in an industry where being put on hold is not conducive to actual longevity, yet comes home from jail to a newfound street cred, when one considers that he was relatively unknown and benefiting from sounding like a pretty popular rapper with a then-recently notarized death certificate. Why would he not be IMMEDIATELY out with SOMETHING subject-specific?

Something is afoot here, and I refuse to believe that "no dry snitch" is Shyne's reason for not saying or even having said any more than he has. Not airing out the dude who apparently set you up as the fall guy is the stupidest shit I have heard SINCE the whole "Stop Snitchin" movement.

Unless, of course, said dude was being kept silent by something.

Recent developments, though, have Shyne exchanging words with 50 Cent's weed carriers -- instead of 50 himself, imagine that -- which goes to visit a paradigm shift that took place soon after Shyne went away to jail and has since become less effective, and that is the beef side of things.
Forget not that 50 said some greasy shit about Shyne when Shyne couldn't, or wasn't supposed to, defend himself from jail. Shyne did on his forgotten album released from behind bars, but damned if I know what he said. Well, as soon as he comes home the talk is back on, but still not much more than 50 sending Lloyd Banks to do his dirty work, as usual. Not that I didn't type this entry 5, then 4 days ago, but I have still not heard either song, nor do I plan to. I am just saying that I know they exist.
We'll see how this plays out.


Kousen Tora said…
I'm with you on this one. I think this was a case of Puffy telling this cat, "Look, if you say anything I will make you disappear faster than Total's Music Career."

I mean if you look back on his (Puff's) "career" he actually told you what he was about back on Hate Me Now when he stated that he had million of thugs on salary.

Well it looks like he proved it with this case...

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