(17) Classic German Automotive Pr0ns -- Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR

The Mercedes-Benz 300SLR was a car designed and built for racing, not related to the classically popular and similarly named gullwinged 300SL, only coincidence that it was actually based upon the 1954-55 Formula 1 offering, which happened to have a fucking boring name.
Technological advances that are in use even to this day, 56 years later are employed - super lightweight materials, front-midship (square with or behind front axles), independent rear suspension and plenty more.
Championed by the legendary Stirling Moss, his #722 is THE one(s) most easily associated with this car, and I am sure that every one ever made was painted silver, lol.
Racing history was marred by a few crashes of them at the hands of other drivers due to poor brake design. One killed a driver and several spectators when the drum brakes were inefficient and a fire ensued. Noteworthy is that the lightweight metal of choice was magnesium. One "fun" burn characteristic of a magnesium is that when you have made the achievement of making it burn, conventional methods of extinguishing fire FEED a magnesium fire, using the hydrogen contained in water to its advantage.
Wait, am I talking about a car or am I Bill Nye the Science Guy?
Anyway, on to the pictures. Some of these will be photographs of model cars, as I am just in that kind of a mood today.

And lastly, the one I own:

Gallery is here.


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