(**) Phlip -- 30 for 30

Double star bonus coverage this time, legendary people weren't supposed to die in the middle of my month, dammit.
Sometime in the middle of March, I decided that in April I would set about the task of posting EVERY day for a solid month, just to see if I could pull it off.
I'd have my go-to moves, what with talking sports and music, cooking a time or two if it comes to that and there is always crossing my fingers and hoping some shit pops off in the news. I used the birthday of a favorite musician of mine as well as my disdain for a purely American (and wholly fucking BORING) sport, as I have time and again.

Anyway... Taking a cue, or just lifting the name from what has become one of my favorite documentary series of the past several years -- like since Ken Burns' Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson -- I went on a tear of 30 for 30; to get at least one post up every day for the 30 days of April.
Simply put, I made great use of my drafts and went to the old MySpace blog well to revisit a couple of old posts for refreshes, to the point where even this entry is being partially typed a full 6 weeks before it will be published, no mention of how many will have been planned and/or completed before the start of April.

[Phlip note - 19 with subjects/post dates planned, 16 completed]

Lucky for me, now, that I am such a Stan for so many things, be they technical, automotive, entertainment, life in general, art, whatever! I find my interest in so many things, and have such amassed such a collection of feeds subscriptions in Google Reader that I am never without new material... Now, whether or not I will allow myself to be bothered with TYPING about said material is all on me, and I am not often in a mega rush to do it.
Anyway, what's done is done now, and I have 30 days of posts for both of you.

  1. "April (non) Fools!"
    -Happy birthday to Gil Scott-Heron
  2. "Speaking of delusional people"
    -Yes, some people don't realize they're fucked the fuck up in the head.
  3. "The Death of Executive Production."
    -It's not enough that the music is shitty, but the presentation also lacks any direction.
  4. "Play Ball!!!"
    -I introduce baseball season as only I know how
  5. "Classic artist ­­≠ Classic Album"
    -Just because someone HAS made a classic presentation doesn't mean that everything they make will be as well.
  6. "The Serial Girlfriend, a MySpace repost/repack..."
    -Got under some peoples' skin when I initially penned it, I expected the repack to do the same.
  7. "Today in History"
    -We all celebrate the 21st amendment over beer.
  8. "Homelessness is a way to beat the recession"
    -Self explanatory, coming up by way of homelessness
  9. "Danish(?!!?) Automotive Prons -- Zenovo ST1"
    -Who knew they made supercars in Denmark?
  10. "'Friends with Benefits'... a conversation"
    -I polled my facebook friends and blogged about it.
  11. "What are we mad at again?"
    -People bent out of shape over the census form are nuts to me.
  12. "Herbert Jeffrey 'Herbie' Hancock"
    -Happy born date to one of my favorites
  13. "Album Review -- Little Brother 'LeftBack'"
    -I happened upon a download a couple weeks early and set about the task of reviewing it.
  14. "Liking that which is hard to like"
    -I had to just fucking concede that it is rather difficult to hate Lil Wayne all the way without some unnecessary effort.
  15. "The 'New' Season Begins"
    -having separated the wheat from the chaff, I go in on the NBA playoffs
  16. "Model Mania!!!"
    -I am a 30 year-old man who is madly obsessed with model cars... Sue me.
  17. "Classic German Automotive pr0ns -- Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR"
    -Pretty straight forward, these...
  18. "What Have We Learned?"
    -Are musicians so dumb that they don't see the shit that happened before them?
  19. "'Is it snitching?'... a conversation"
    -Question of the day posts are fun
  20. "Legalize it..."
    -Talk of legalizing the wacky weed, just in time for 4/20
  21. "Samuel L Jackson for President"
    -In presidenting from the middle, Barack is a president for no one in particular... I make a better nomination.
  22. "Teabaggin'"
    -(more) Reasons not to have white friends, discussed.
  23. "How to win an argument"
    -Self explanatory
  24. "Shyne's newfound freedom(?)"
    -Shyne is either a fucking fool or a very rich man.
  25. "Dutch Automotive Pr0ns -- Donkervoort D8"
    -The Freaky Deaky Dutch get in my blog twice in a month?
  26. "Exclusionary Tactics"
    -Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean they're not hip hop.
  27. "Album Review -- B.o.B. 'The Adventures of Bobby Ray"
    -frankly, I was not impressed
  28. "Rules Changes"
    -Following the rousing success of my changes of the rules of baseball, I revisit an old post about the same for basketball.
  29. "Make Me Understand it"
    -What in the FUCK are people saying?!!?
  30. "The Colored Carpenter (sort of) Strikes Back"
    -Guess who has a new desk?

And of course the summary you are now reading is a bonus of sorts, no charge for this one since I have no silly opinion or lame attempts at humor to share with you.
Got a couple scheduled for this weekend, but I will abso-fuckin-NOT be attached to my computer for a couple days now. In fact, I am going out of town, text me if you need me. All other mediums will see late responses.
Don't call me unless it is an emergency or you want to be yelled at by a drunkard.

Sincerely, the best blogger alive


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