(*) Like the sands of the hourglass...

... these are the days of our (after)lives.

When we left you, Keith Elam's body was probably not yet cold and surely had not been sent to embalming, before an eerie letter that felt VERY MUCH like a there was some shenanigans among us. We have a deceased legend who had been in a coma for about 8-9 weeks or so who died of an ailment that no one seems to have known he had. Furthermore, someone that no one in the hip hop world knows has been holding information and physical access to the man hostage for all this time, taking monopoly over "official information" as well.
Seem weird?
Hell yes, it does!

As I stated yesterday, and as found in and hinted at in the comments, this is slated to get weirder as well...
Well, now it seems that people who used to be close to Guru before this Solar character crowbarred his way in are Tweeting about the situation. Needless to say, Ice-T, Freddie Foxxx and Busta Rhymes are nonplussed by this shit, and I can't blame them.
Personally, if I were Solar, I would be a little afraid for my safety if 2 rappers I KNOW could kick my ass were not happy with me at the same time that #fucksolar became a trending topic on Twitter.
[Phlip note - not that I know shit about Twitter, just passing information here]
I know I mentioned yesterday the plausibility of the letter taking place yesterday, but I remain fast in my doubts of the authenticity. The chorus of aversions cast by Guru's family on the authenticity speaks to the commonly held opinion inside of hip hop at large, meaning everyone in hip hop except this Solar dude... They went on to explain that the "non profit" started by Guru in the twilight of his life was completely news to them as well. One thing I was doubtful of yesterday that the FAMILY stands behind was the presence of multiple myeloma, which is a cancer of the white blood cells, which are a critical part of the immune system. The lowered blood pressure and subsequent cardiac arrest are again plausible parts of this equation now, but something still reeks of shitty shit here.
In a statement to MTV after NO ONE believed the letter was real, Solar stated, among other things...

"I’m the repository of Guru’s life story. I recorded his life story for book and for movies."

I know he said more than that, but it is becoming more and more obvious to the general public what is most important to him, what with now having said it in the letter written by Guru himself and now a released statement by Solar.
It is also being tossed around that Solar has yet to relinquish Guru's body to his family as well. Now, I have never been married, and the funeral arrangements of all my deceased family members have been carried out by next of kins... Moms handled pop pop as granny's power of attorney, the aunts handled grandma Mary, granny handled uncle Bill... So on and so forth. Next of kin arrangements, as I understand them, unless legally stated to the contrary is assumed by a spouse or 'life partner,' which is a scary little word that we are seeing thrown around this situation that I am not mentioning again for the duration of this blog out of respect for the deceased.
[Phlip note - *pinkies in ears running around room* "LALALALALALALALALALALA!!!"]

Yesterday, when this situation was fresh on the minds of everyone, it seemed like Solar was interested in shoehorning in on and making a legacy of his own on the back of Guru's, if only because Guru died before he could get in on it.
Now? Hell, now it seems like he is trying a power grab for the insurance money, a sweet-ass book and movie deal and whatever other cash he can trap from this situation. At this point, we still don't know enough to say we know enough. There still remains the matter of coroner's reports and my holding out of hope that this becomes enough of a circus for TMZ to get involved and show us some illegally acquired (I know about HIPAA, motherfuckers) documents on what's really fucking going on in this situation here.
I told y'all yesterday that this would become a circus of a situation, not dissimilar to those surrounding the death of Jacko and James Brown, but with less money and fewer children involved and to this point I was dead right. I further know that we're far from done yet, this will get uglier and uglier before it gets ANY better.
My RSS reader and I are waiting with baited keyboard and overly profane postings, WAITING on the next development in this one. It is rare that someone whose body of work actually interests me shakes loose the mortal coil, and NEVER with such drama surrounding it, so damned if I ain't staying ON this one.


Jamal7Mile said…
My thoughts exactly! And yeah, Solar might get touched up in this one.

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