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Ever heard of The Cardiff Giant?

Some asshole in the 1800's argued with some Jesusy people about a passage in Genesis 6:4 about giants who once walked the Earth.
[Phlip note - and y'all thought atheists in 2009 were dickheads?]
He had a large slab of gypsum pulled and shipped it to someone who carved it into a human-shape and doctor it up to appear as if it was the body of a petrified human.
The going belief is that he had spent $2600 to this point in the ruse.
[Phlip note - SHEEEEEED, in 1869 money? I don't have 2600 RIGHT NOW!]
He then had it sent to his cousin's farm, who buried it, then had some people "dig a well," and of course they found it and announced to all that would listen that there had been some old Indian Native American buried there.
He (the cousin, not the original asshole) then charged people a quarter each to view the giant, jacking the price up to Fiddy Cent [no Pimpin' Curly] 2 days later. Experts on the subject declared it a fake and of course, religious fundamentalists supported it's authenticity.
[Phlip note - and y'all thought religious zealots were on some ol' bullshit in 2009]
Anyway, back to the "giant"... It was such an enormous draw that it made the original asshole and his cousin enough to sell it to some proprietors for $37k and they moved it elsewhere in the state of NY. It is yet unknown to me whether these folks knew it was a hoax and created JUST to be a hoax, but they did.

A man whose name is still famous now offered to lease the "giant" so HE could display it for an amount of money that could buy you a very nice BMW in 2009 (trust, WAAAAY more than they'd paid for it) and was declined. In typical shrewd asshole businessman fashion, he hired someone to model it, copied it, made his own and put it on display, claiming that HIS was the real one and that the original was the fake... One of the proprietors went on record, in reference to the people paying to see the replica "giant" and accepting it as the real thing, that a sucker is born every minute. That quote was mistakenly credited to the proprietor of the fake "giant," and he never denied having said it himself.
This case went to court, in a suit over the legitimacy of the new giant, all in the face of science showing that BOTH were fake. Of course, a circus [heh, see what I did there? Maybe not yet] ensues over the court case, so much to the point where the ORIGINAL asshole (yeah, the one who spent $2600 and made money on the sale of the original "giant") came out that HIS giant was bunk as well, and a couple of months later, all cases were thrown (and I would be willing to bet, LAUGHED) out of court, no one could sue over authenticity or copies when ALL was fake.
The original Cardiff Giant is believed to be in The Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown, NY and the replica is thought to be in another museum in Farmington Michigan, but that fact is disputed.

Anyway. If anyone was paying attention to the references above and are pop culture whores like I am, you caught that the quote is credited to PT Barnum, who was also named as having a name that is still relevant today, word to that national tour that the Feld family is still caking off of to this very day.

You know what's fucked up, though?
This blog isn't even ABOUT that!

Yeah, see, I was sitting here at work and reading, I happened upon the quote in SOMETHING I was reading, then saw that it was credited to PT Barnum, then I was on Google and happened upon the story of The Cardiff Giant, then I had spent more than 2 and a half hours reading about this stuff.
This brought me to the realization how easily I am entertained sometimes.
Fuck, I am even a cheap date as a result of it, my girlfriend can attest to that.

We met one year go yesterday and our first "date" was to the zoo -- I used it as a means to be able to walk and talk and actually LEARN her in a low-pressure environment, not to mention as an excuse to escape the city during an HBCU homecoming, among other things.
[Phlip note - those are ALWAYS minstrel shows, avoid them at all costs... Damn, how many of these will I ADD to this blog?]
The year we've had has been without fancy-assed nights on the town, expensive restaurants (with the exception of that Italian spot we went to when I got home from Atlanta in May) or any other haughty engagements, not that many will arise in Greensboro, NC.

Look at this, for example. I just described how I let a news story that I cannot now recall drive me to 2+ hours of reading, the last 40 of so of that and another hour up to now as I type this (3:34pm at this point) and however long it takes me to complete this entry spent discussing it. This post is generally without real direction, I am just bored as fuck today, and nothing on the internet not involving breasts is terribly engrossing -- and we all know what the best part of the chicken is, word to Tony Grands -- but something about my house lends to the fact that I should PROBABLY keep this job until I have another or a winning powerball to replace it, so no titties for me until about 5:30ish when I arrive home.

What I had to fall back on was that I never have to go far to be legitimately entertained, sometimes a quick Google search and all the reading that it will provide in return can keep me going. Being a nerd has advantages sometimes. If I were home, I would sit on the internets and either listen to music or spin channels until I settled on Discovery or TLC, if not one of those Reality Shows on Vh1 that I KNOW I shouldn't be watching, but damned if I could stop. No worries though, basketball season commences on 10/31.

Who knows? Tomorrow, I will likely spend the day looking for recipes and such, which is another of those things I often do... I might want to get a notebook for the kitchen sometime soon if I keep this up.

I'm done with this blog for now, I should ACTUALLY have something to talk about next time.


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