"You next, right!?"

As many of you may be aware of (or not, search me), my older sister got married Saturday afternoon...

My twin was married April last year and it was widely accepted that he'd be the last of us married if any of us. I was still vehemently single at the time until meeting my surprise last September.
It takes nothing more, though, than a wedding to bring out the most inconsiderate in people. All week and weekend, and now since, EVERYONE seems to want to drop that "you're next, right?" and at first I just let it roll off, joking it off or ignoring it outright. As Saturday progressed and more and more people kept dropping it, my answers began to match how bothered I was with the question. I warned people "look, I have heard it enough and it's wearing thin and not entertaining, my next step will be to yell at people..." and since then, people have gotten yelled at, outright told to shut up or I casually lob the disrespect I feel back in their direction.

I would ask everyone who poses this question to me and anyone else single you see at a wedding, WHAT'S THE FUCKING RUSH!??! Funny thing, though, is the number of people who make statements such as, but offer such from relationship histories that immediately cause me to render a deaf ear, based on THEIR outcomes. I don't think anyone is taking dog training advice from Mike Vick these days, are they? What about gun safety from Robert Blake or Plaxico Burress?

One of the best things about my relationship is that there are no walls. We need to talk about shit, we fucking talk about it. Any relationship to be approached should be taken as if it would be long-term, forever type shit. Anything less is selling ones' selves short. In such, we recognize that we're working on a future together. What that future does not include, however, is a rush to anything, marriage included.
That being said, I have discussed my plans for the sharing of my last name with EVERYONE with whom it should be discussed. If you don't recall having been a part of that conversation, I casually invite you to stay the fuck out of my business. I'm working on finding and creating my own peace of mind, yours doesn't fit me like you think it does, I'll let you keep it.


Tony Grands said…
Yeah, I hate arbitrary questions.

"When are you guys having more kids?" is the one that kills me. What if, perhaps, we can't have more. Then, how would you like that awkwardness when I explain, in medical terms, how the doc's told us it's only a 35% chance, or some shit.

I learned, long ago to meet their idiocy with sarcasm. It's more fun that way....
It doesn't stop with marriage. Once you're married, the questions about kids start. I've often wondered if the prying nature of people is due to simply being nosey, or if there is a need within some individuals to live vicariously through others' experiences.

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