In the kithen with Phlip, breakfast edition -- huevos and salchicha

No, I don't REALLY speak Spanglish...

Cheese eggs and turkey sausage is what will come from this, really simple breakfast...

[Phlip note - "breakfast for dinner" is the SHIT too, should you so choose to do it, and this is one of the ways to do it]

Anyway, this is a quick 15-minute -- no more than 20-25 -- breakfast consisting of nothing more than...

One half a small onion

(no, I didn't kill anyone, the light from the coffeemaker is casting red onto the knife)

Turkey (or pig, if you so fancy) sausage

4 Eggs, you will be scrambling


And now you can start cooking...
Go ahead and cut one of the sausages in quarters, then split.

Crack the eggs

Then salt and scramble them

Go ahead and lightly oil 2 pans, and put the sausages in one

And the onions in the other (the larger one)

Turn the sausages over

And add scrambled eggs and a handful of cheese to the onions.

Mix together and scramble them up really good, heat should be on medium high (6.5-7ish) to make cleanup easy for you later.

You're basically done now. In the meantime, you should have had a pot of coffee on. Now just take the sausages off of the heat, cut them up and put the eggs on with it (bread is optional, I opted out), then serve with the cup of coffee for you and the lady.

Looking at the timestamps on the photos, looks like this only took me 20 minutes from start to finish.
Well worth it, considering that you can have a decent breakfast for 2 (or one, if you cut the amounts named above in half) in basically no time with very little effort.


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