Young, immature and equipped with a camera phone

Also happens to be a fully-featured 3.2MP Sony Cybershot camera, so I am less than angered when I leave the camera home when we go out.
Sold my elliptical made redundant by a gym membership this morning, then The Katie took me out to breakfast at IHOP, then to Wal Mart to get some Potato Bread [best bread ever fucking invented] and a couple other items, then to Target to look around, leaving only with LEGO Star Wars, since nothing more was terribly interesting in the whole store, then to see Where the Wild Things Are [maybe more on that in a later blog, I need to think about this for a minute], then on a silly little mission and now back home...

You saw up there in the title, I talked about my camera-equipped phone?
Yeah, I will be doing the photo caption thing today.

Katie - "You know, it is kinda sad that Michael Jackson spent his entire adult life trying to be a little boy, then there was the legal shit... Ironic is how now one MUST be a little boy to be Mike for this Halloween."

Yes, with the forthcoming end to "don't ask, don't tell, you too can enlist and get yourself a "Military Jacket" like this one.

The next few will be funnies from the "wait, people drink stuff named THAT?!!?" files, no captions terribly necessary.

Fuck this, I am STARTING one of these on the side of the house, TOMORROW!!!

Then on the way to the movie, I adorned the accent of a New Zealander and we became hunters of people driving automobiles in classically shitty taste...

Aight, homie... We get it, you like the Steelers, but what did this Caprice do to YOU?!!?

"Kids, we're taking grandma for a ride..."

Maybe they DO sell Ford F150 "GT-R" models down there in that state south of Texas? I know that was mean, but my stereotypically insensitive assumption became an inference when the driver passed us 5 minutes later.

One of these items is a classic pickup truck, in need of some lovin'... One of these ruins my faith in the that lovin' being properly realized.

(no funny quote in this one) What you may not be able to see in this image is that the darker areas on the fenders and sides are not actually "darker," but are actually random SPATTERS of paint thrown on to compliment the "rips" in the paint.

That will be quite enough for now... I TOOK more pictures, but not all were as funny, or even applicable to the funnies being presented. I am done for now, I may come up with something more in the 'morrow, but that remains to be seen.


Kousen Tora said…
I got nothin. I'm gonna have to take pictures of the Coontastic cars I've seen around here... one I've seen is painted up in the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, another is done up like the purple Gatorade & another I saw is done up with Wolverine's colors has a murial on the hood, and has a little Wolverine figure hanging from the tail.
Tony Grands said…
I know CA & NC are galaxies apart, but damn. You have the magic eye, Hoyt! I look for crazy shit when I go out, but never come across crap as zany as your stuff.

Then again, you're a people watcher, so it's only right that you watch the things said people watch.

How's this for irony....the amount of MJ costumes is not surprising, per se, but my prevailent than last year. & between all the bootleg outits are the zombie MJ costumes.

Is that morbid or what?

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