I got some questions for the house.

  • Is it possible to be a lesbian, but still be a virgin?

  • Do black women really get their asses on their shoulders when a black dude is with a white woman?
    If so, why?

  • When the hell did people become so socially inept? I know the internet may have a large influence on this, but there is little to no excuse for people who are, say, my age or older.
    Example: I ask you a direct question in conversation, you do not know the answer to the question I have asked... Why in the FUCK would it be acceptable for you to sit silent instead of acknowledging that someone has spoken to you?

  • Anyone else tired of hearing about Tiger Woods in the news?

  • Is anyone, like me, NOT surprised that this could happen to Tiger Woods, or ANY billionaire athlete for that matter?
    [Phlip note - Tiger is the ONLY athlete to have cleared a billion if I remember that correctly]

  • Is it just me, or is college basketball weak as hell this year?

  • Is it wrong that I am less than a week back from an enormous vacation and I am already watching the cruise lines to begin plans on the next one?

  • Did I miss some unwritten rule that the LEAST prepared individual working in a medical facility is to be the only one who is to talk to people?

  • Is there some kind of conspiracy between electronics retailers to "Match Any Competitor's Pricing," but then make a point of having different model NUMBERS of the same item, therefore NEVER having to match that price?

  • NEW (old) MOVE!!!
    On the phone with someone (a state of being that I already detest as it is, in general) and they enter a room full of people, and instead of directing attention to the call they are on -- or generally more importantly ENDING the call -- I will help them along by simply saying "I see you are busy, call me back when your attention is not divided, good-bye" and then hang up the phone, whether or not they even had the attention directed to even notice what was said.
    Would this be a bad idea? Would I be wrong for adopting this approach again?

  • Why is it that I have now been back to work for one full week, yet it already feels like I never went on vacation?

  • Why do people go out of their way to expend the energy announcing that they do not like or care for/about something? If one TRULY gave not a fuck, would not the prudent thing to do be to simply shut the hell up, as opposed to refute their claim by speaking up?

  • Is it not amazing the number of people who can't fucking spell, what with the advent of spell check and ready availability of uncommon sense?
    Natural stupidity cannot be helped, but natural stupidity is only applied to WRITTEN language, when one sits down and starts typing, all excuses are out the window.

  • Why are people who are completely inept to handle certain things the most pressed to possess them?

  • When the hell will it stop raining long enough for me to cut my damned grass one last time?

  • Has Plies ruined the name "Becky" for anyone who has had or will have it or what?

  • Why, when pressured down from inquiring about something, do stupid motherfuckers act as if rephrasing the same question will make one magically want to answer or discuss something they're obviously not interested in conversation about?

  • Is anyone still paying attention to these or am I just talking to myself?

  • Will this damned day ever fucking end?

  • Am I even still into this post?

  • Should I just go on ahead and post this one and quit playing with it?


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