Crime of opportunity

A crime of opportunity is defined as a crime that is committed without planning when the perpetrator sees that they the chance to commit the act at that moment and seizes it. Such acts have little or no premeditation.
You can think of it as the high school kids who walk past someone's car warming up one morning on their way to wherever it is they were headed, and taking it out for a spin. Or perhaps the braintrust who thinks that it is fine to leave the car running while they run into the store and come outside to the need to call the police and their insurance company.
A parallel could be drawn to what precisely would happen the FIRST time I see Bob out on the streets somewhere, he will be immediately fucked the fuck up.
[Phlip note - don't sweat that last part, it is an inside joke]

Anyway, with all the Tiger Woods talk of late, there seems to be a new found interest in the phenomenon of infidelity, if such a thing could be described as a "phenomenon."
In a post of my own on the subject last week, a wise man named Tony Grands said in the comments section of the post:

Philandering is something like smoking crack. No way in hell you just picked it up the "habit" one day after work, you just got sloppy about keeping it a secret.

And I honestly couldn't agree with the man more for such a good point. I would also be inclined to add a bit of my own to it, in that it takes a crime of opportunity to plug yourself into the world of smoking crills OR fucking around on your significant other.
Need to think about this for a minute, chew on a couple questions to drive it home, then.
  • How many baseheads do YOU know who INTENDED to get hooked on that shit, compared to the ones who happened into it, thus allowing it to become a habit?
  • How many of those cars did YOU walk past on your way to school or the bus stop without hopping in and taking a spin?
  • How many times have you, in your life, walked past that running car at the gas station, but still left in your own car?
  • How many times have you seen Bob on the street without going upside his motherfucking head?
    [Phlip note - pardon me for that one]
The difference between a crime of opportunity and remaining innocent is generally a matter of personal restraint in the face of presented opportunity.
A clear-thinking individual wired to NOT do these things will not be so inclined to take advantage of certain situations such as, while someone lacking the requisite foresight to refrain may push forward.

"But Phillip, it's not the same! A man/woman has to have it in their mind that they're gonna cheat in order to do it!"
Sure, but allow me for a moment to call bullshit on that one. Nowhere did I say that there would be a wealth of random snatch hanging around everywhere you go for you to or not to insert yourself into. The situation leading TO that, though? THAT is the opportunity to or not to be acted upon. Take me for example, I don't make the most money in the universe, may not be the best looking cat, don't have the nicest houses or cars or any of that material, so the opportunities presented to do bad are naturally and thankfully lessened. My resolve of continued good behavior as a result is the reward.
On the other side of that is [unfaithful star of the moment], who is apparently quite heavy in these skreetz as a result of their capital, and is presented with far more opportunity, seeing as there is more to gain off of them. One would only WISH that said individual would think these things through, though, with mind on what they stand to lose.
Perhaps the addition of these chances to fuck up make one more apt to actually DO the fucking up.

"Well then, Mr. Smart Guy, what about REGULAR people who fuck around?"
Gee, thanks for asking, but perhaps you should work on comprehending a little better.
An equation involving opportunity [minus] inhibition [plus] thinking it can be pulled off [equals] some ol' bullshit.
This is SURELY not to say that everyone in the world is hard wired to mess around, in fact the numbers are more to the contrary, but that doesn't make for good television, no not at all. Surely not everyone who has lived a philanderous past is destined to continue that way forever. Yes, some people live for the continued thrill of it all, or just aren't interested in being tied down, but sooner or later one will find the resolve to either get tired of the shit or just grow the fuck up. Either way, whichever method employed, it is left in the past.

I guess what it is that I am most tired of is the whole "why do men cheat?" generalization, completely void of consideration for those of us who don't... No, I am no angel, I have done a share of extracurricular diddling in my time, usually under the guise of my extended stretches of being and remaining single with no plans at the time to change that. Yes, once or twice I was DEAD wrong, in that it was done while I actually WAS exclusive with someone.

"Well then, Mr. Hypocrite-guy... why DID you do it?"
First things first, fuck off with that 'hypocrite' talk, I am not saying this in a 'do as I say, not as I do' position, nor am I advocating any attempts at how I would be somehow justified in what I have done. I know I was young and dumb... Well, not necessarily dumb, but surely immature as all fuck.
I chalk it all up to being young and having fun. I am thankful that I have come away from it with my health fully intact and no extraneous tax deductions or child support debts as a result, so I guess at the end of it all, it was well worth the lesson.
At the end of it all, I take solace in having built a bit of what I might call an 'immunity' to the commission of these crimes of opportunity.
If only I could somehow finagle my way into a billion or so -- like the one that Tiger is about to lose a motherfucking CHUNK of -- for my efforts.


Tony Grands said…
Great topic. Great drop.

I think cheating is a opportune as one allows it to be. Falling into "it" is a simple task. Probably as easy as killing one's self. Now, steering clear of it as also quite easy, granted the maturity level is there. & yes, to a degree I'm calling Tiger immature. You've got to be @ least a scant childish to allow freelance 'tang to be the downfall of an empire. Not that women aren't smart, crafty beings, but according to the Bible, men are the "head" of the "body". If the head's not functioning properly, expect the body to follow.

I had that problem @ one time, & literally I woke up one day & decided against it the behavior, for a variety of reasons. Once I drew that line in the sand, much as I did after I beat alcoholism, I shifted my focus. Anything worth having is worth working for, especially moral sobriety.

Like Phlip said, the reward is itself.

Being honest & not looking over one's shoulder>>>living a constant lie, hiding, lying & deceiving. Tiger was in a situation where he allowed other people to seduce & control him, & instead of dominating the sport, like golf, he allowed himself to become another expendable player on the field.

Plus, getting caught is so embarrassing, all it takes is one legitimate time, & you never want to feel like that again. Well, I didn't. I know my Dad taught me better than that.

Having access to such an exotic lifestyle means you either strengthen your defenses, which would be the wisest move, or open yourself up to a world of unnecessary complication.

If a dog can be trained to not piss indoors, & monkeys can learn to drive cars & smoke cigarettes, surely a man can tame the beast within for a chance @ upper echelon happiness.

But, what do I know...?

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