"I'm on a boat," pt V - the mid-week edition

Grand Cayman...
It is where your favorite crooked Wall Streeter is storing your bailout money. Laugh to keep from crying at that, because it is absolutely true. For such a small island, there are a LOT of nice cars here, and that is to say "nice" by your standards OR my own.
Not a lot of lead in to this one, as I have actually been to this port once before and know what to expect of it. Trudging through to it in spite of should speak to the fact that I liked what we will be up against here, even if I DON'T have a ton of pocket money to play with here.

12/03/2009 Georgetown, Grand Cayman

0808 - Wake up, use bathroom and notice that the ship doesn't feel like it is moving right now... Strange, we're not supposed to arrive til like 9am. Turn on the TV to the channel showing our course and confirmation that we're not moving is reached. Fine, let's get ready for breakfast and get ready to hop a tender over to the island.

*Pause button*
For those of you unfamiliar with the term "tender," it is a small boat sent from the shore to a larger boat to carry people/supplies to/from shore. In the case of a cruise ship, it is used when there is not a pier -- like in Belize City -- or if the water in the port is too shallow for a ship the size of a cruise ship as was the case here.

0935 - Get my watch and her camera from the room and head down to the gangway.

0940 - On the tender and headed over to the island.

Some 'pirate' ship from the tender

0950 - Passed through and on the island and in the marketplace damn near immediately.

The island, or the areas where we are to be, is not very huge, so we're able to take in the whole thing in a reasonably short amount of time. While on the island, we collect charms to a charm bracelet strategically placed in locations throughout the world by Diamonds International and Tanzanite International stores. Shot glass for mama, souvenirs for Katie's friends.

I mentioned being on the island and seeing some things, so of course I took some pics.

Forgot the model name, but on the whole it is nothing more than a Toyota Camry.

Wow, apparently Grand Cayman knew I was coming back, so they welcomed me with open legs arms.

Nissan Skyline, another car we do not get here in the states.

Some old white guy that the waiters said that was a retired pro ball player.

This is a cock... This is in front of a KFC, can you say irony?

I don't know WHAT the fux this is.

Toyota Starlet GT Turbo, why can't we get these here?!!?

Rear view.

Nissan Skyline GT350, known to us as the Infiniti G35 coupe.
Ironic is that a 4-door Infiniti G35 passed behind me while I took this.

It's a frog, and I am being attacked or something like that.

1120 - Boarding tender back to the boat with our stuff...

1130 - On the way up to the room to put stuff down and cool off, then plan next move. I don't even think Linda got off the boat here, as she has been 4 times before this one.

1315 - Lunch at the buffet.

1430 - The 'itis is setting in, as we sit on the deck taking turns dozing off.

1515 - Move positions, watching people gamble the "will the ship leave my ass here?" lottery.

1615 - Went back inside to see if we can locate the Davis family.

1620 - Scored some sweets and sit with Linda and Cornelia, then back to poolside to randomly chill.

1645 - Back down to the promenade for a beverage and to not win a raffle for a bracelet.

1730 - Room; shower and nap before dinner.

2011 - Headed downstairs.

2025 - Quick beverage in the casino bar, before...

2030 - ... BEST

Linda and Cornelia with our assistant waiter, 'Baba'.

Tonight is known to the employees of The MS Freedom of the Seas as "Chef's Dinner" night, but to ANYONE who gives a mad assfux, this is LOBSTER NIGHT!!!
I don't remember my appetizer or dessert. I remember that I had the best Lobster Tail I have ever had, and we will not sign that off on the fact that I'd only had it once or twice before. Everyone at the table had it except for Cornelia, who does not eat shellfish.
Adonis, our waiter came back by and asked if we wanted more and damned if we didn't fuxing par-fuxing-take of it.


2215 - Back to room to sit a minute to let the lobster process and find this guy on the bed.

2230 - We head up to the Jacuzzi and it tries to zonk out on us, so we move to the pool, then I decide that I should look over the jacuzzi again, I have it working again in minutes and we're back in it for a while.

2313 - Back in the room, removing wet clothes.

2345 - Bedtime.

Last time, I was short on cash funds, this time I was short on cash funds, but BOTH times other influences and observations drove my good time. Now that I have been precisely here 2 times in my life, I would honestly say that I would do it again at least once more. I know I said it last time and I am going to say it again right now, I WILL have a pocket full of cash before I hit Grand Cayman again, dammit.
Tomorrow is the last port of call, Cozumel Mexico, I will have that one posed ASAP, then close out the series, thanks for reading.


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