"I'm on a boat," pt VII - the 'homeward bound' edition.

I left you on the last one kind of abruptly, but I left that day kind of abruptly myself, and I would be damned for it.
No big deal, I fall asleep often when I have been up and physically exerting myself.


0030 - Back up from my little nap, the game is now in the 3rd and the Lakers are up 9.
[Phlip note - You didn't REALLY think I would leave you hanging, did you?]

0052 - The Heat are making a run for it and have gone up late in the 4th quarter.

0108 - 'Foul and play your ass off' strategy employed and the Lakers are within 3-5 points. Derek Fisher 3 brings the game to within 1, Miami hits another free throw and are up 2...

0115 - 3.2 seconds remaining, NO question who gets the ball here.
[Phlip note - Miami SHOULD have fouled him, lol]
One dribble, two dribble, off-balance and fading to the weak side...
Kobe Bean Bryant for 2009-2010 MVP.

0119 - Back to bed, dammit.

... and now we can get back to business here, no?

12/05/2009 Final Day at Sea

0908 - Up and at 'em, no port of call today, so no real need to look in on our location as related to our destination.

0940 - Breakfast buffet, my next to last cheeseless breakfast, thank God.

1100 - On the deck enjoying an overcast moderate day, trying to spot Cuba to our right, but can't through the weather.

1150 - Down to the promenade for music and random foods prepared on the spot, this is a cooking event of sorts, they're also showing off the ice sculptures.

Nothing else terribly interesting is happening right now, though.

1200 - To the room to finish packing for the trip home and fill out customs declarations for the port in the morning.

1400 - Lunch back up at the buffet.

1530 - Overcast has become "about to rain," to the point where we're actually watching the storm come toward us.

This goes not to mention the old lady whose asscrack goes all the way up to her shoulder blades. Katie has mastered the fine art of handling a camera, I was in the foreground and she PRETENDED to be photographing me, lol.

What has been seen cannot be unseen.

1615 - Rain begins and we get our asses indoors.

1630 - Down to the promenade for beverage in wait for the parade to begin.
Snap a few pictures from the deck after the quick rain.

The only one worth keeping, the wake of the boat from the rearmost and lowest deck/// Simply a cool shot to take.

1745 - Dinky little parade begins and lasts 15 minutes.

Yes, that all took place ON a fuxing boat.

1800 - Stroll the shops with Katie, Linda and Cornelia, then down to the Casino for more drinks.

1825 - Jamaican bartenders are the best in the damned world. Grab a ticket to the ship's lottery on the way out.

1840 - Buy one get one Margaritas and the Florida/Alabama game in Studio B.

1900 - Farewell show, featuring these two Russian chicks (ha!) swinging on these satin curtain thingies, then the singers and dancers directly employed by the ship, then a comedian who was actually kinda funny.

2010 - Killing time before dinner, we can see Miami's lights next to the ship.

2030 - Dinner in the dining room.

2215 - Stop by the room to kill time before the lottery drawing at 1055... Unfortunately, I will still have to be back at work on Tuesday.
Back to the room to this:

Katie says Turkey, I say Peacock... What say ye?

1105 - Back to the room, shower and set the bags out in the hall to be picked up and taken through to be checked by the dogs in the morning. Then bedtime. Arrival is due at 6am and we will need to have breakfast, then prepared to get off the boat sometime soon thereafter.

12/06/2009 "No longer on a boat," the 'trail of fuxing tears' edition

This is the wrap-up of this whole series... I decided to go ahead and piggyback this one into this post, as it is clearly a part of the journey home and fit in the theme set by the title.
Not to mention, the post would have been TERRIBLY short if left to it's own devices.

0519 - Awake, bathroom and back in the bed, twice actually.

0555 - Fux it, I am up for real this time.

0608 - Wake Katie and we pack up my backpack and random other items, then get ready to go eat, making sure we've left nothing in the room.

0639 - I go to the purser's desk and get my change on the money we DIDN'T spend on the boat for drinks and gambling... $27.45 is what I had left, makes for good gas money.

0715 - Time for one last no-real-cheese-having buffet breakfast. Cornelia eats with us and offers a couple bucks for carrying her bags back to NC so she doesn't have to pay the airline $175.00 again.

0740 - In the lounge watching CNN and waiting for them to call our color code to exit the ship.

0812 - Walking the plank into the terminal to clear customs and collect bags, call the ride.

0900 - Waiting outside for Ernest.

Thanks again, we had a fuxing blast!

1000 - Back in the rental, headed back towards I-95.
Mileage: 27,690

1249 - Georgia state line.

1256 - Kingsland, GA... Stop for gas, $2.49/gallon, 10.510 gallons, $26.26. 30.872 MPG since the last fuel stop.

1442 - South Carolina state line.

1638 - Fort Jackson, SC... Lunch, stop at Subway.

1710 - back on the highway.

1753 - York (or Conway, I forgot), SC... Stop for gas. $2.53/gallon, 9.848 gallons. $25.00 even, 30.86 MPG since last fuel stop.

1823 - NC state line.
Not far now!

[Phlip note - thank Jesus that the Panthers' game was an early afternoon one, stadium traffic is notorious for fuxing I-77 the fux UP!!!]

1946 - "Finally... The Phlip HAS COME BACK!!! To Greensboro..."

2000 - Collect Katie's dog from her dad's place.
[Phlip note - Katie's dog is fuxing EVIL and would not have allowed my brother to sit her]

2020 - Drop Linda and Cornelia's bags off at the Davis household and demand of young Mr. Davis that he WILL be on the next boat.

2023 - (they live like 9 houses from me) home, sweet dammit home!

12/07/2009 Almost back to life...

Nothing major for today, I tackle my checklist, getting all the realistic stuff done, going to talk to the lawyer and all that goodness.
I refill the tank on the car on the way to the airport... $2.53/gallon, 3.938 gallons for $10.00. 28,347 miles... 37.328 MPG since last stop, wooooooooooooow.
Total miles driven: 1316
Total fuel consumed: 41.431 gallons
Fuel economy: 31.763 miles per gallon

1439 - Rental car returned, vacation officially over, I could cry.

1500 - Arrive to Dr. Upshaw for The Bruiser's first appointment.
2.8 pounds, healthy lung/heart function and NO worms at all, which is to suggest that his mother and any dogs she or he came into contact with before we got him were all well taken care of.

I could say a lot of things at the end of this all, but I would hope that you've all read it as I have posted it in this series. This was my third cruise and The Katie's first, and it is quite needless to say that we both had a stone fuxing blast the whole week. So much to the point where we're already starting in on the thoughts of embarking on the next, this time it will surely be on a Carnival ship though.
I returned to work this morning, and a good week remained good, as for the first time in MONTHS the first thing I heard upon entering the office was good news, which was a good lead-in to my day.

I would like to thank Linda for setting this up and Cathy at Cruises Taylor Made for agenting this thing for us. I would like to thank Ernest for agreeing to let me use his driveway and to drop me off and pick me up from the terminal on only 9 days' notice, breaking out of his only day he normally sleeps in to do it.
I would like to thank the academy, white Jesus, my mama, and--... Wait... What the fux is going on here? I am blogging my vacation, not winning an award.

Thanks again for reading and laughing along with me here people, I will surely be back to my random maniacal ramblings here as soon as I can think of something more to post. Right now, though?
I need to figure out what it takes to make everything stop feeling like it is fuxing rocking like I am on that damned ship still.


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