2009, let's shut this motherf*cker down

You know what? 2009 has been an all around not-so-great year, but I am thankful to have made it to the other side in a better position to take on the next than that which I entered this one in.
I came into the year still mad at the world with the NC Dept. of Revenue up my ass with quite an amount of time ahead of me at the time of that posting before I would see it resolved.
It was apparently obvious that I was right and they were wrong, I was just apparently in wait for something to take place, evidenced by my very next post. Yes, resolution had taken place in between my phonecall and posts, putting me in a better place, in that my wages were no longer being garnished and that I would be getting a decent amount of cash back for my troubles. I would begin receiving that right in time for my annual Atlanta trip at the end of April/early May. A weekend of motherfucking monsoons and a clear picture of what a breaking/broken phone (Murph's, not mine) can do to take what is consistently a great time and make it only good. Oh well, we'll get em next time.

At the end of last and over the course of this year, I rediscovered my addiction for model cars, as is clearly documented in these pages. I also fell into a deep deep rabbit hole that serves it that I now own over 900 Rubber Duckies, with which I will be doing something in the coming months...
Following the events of the summer (more on that in a minute), both of those items are now in storage, but the unit should be in my driveway to be pilfered for all my shit within the week, so the "later" on that will actually be "sooner" than when I even started typing this post.

Whereas on my MySpace blog, I often wrote stories to tell my shit. I described those stories as "faction," where what happened was treated with a liberal amount of creativity to make an amusing story of them, now I have the access to where I can work on my posts in real time while I am doing something else here in the office, as right now. That being said, that is how I could have been "on blogger since December 2008, with nary a post until February." I have all but abandoned MySpace, since I have no redeeming reasons to be there, since the people I actually talk to will either text or email me if not interaction on FaceBook, which I finallu succumbed to on one morning back in July.

Did a lot of cooking with my "in the kitchen" series, and I assure you that I am collecting recipes and creative ideas for more to come.
[Hint - I now have a new Foreman grill and will be using it as my means of not cooking so damned much when I do, since only 2 people live in my house]
I sprinkled the posts with my opinion here and there, leaving room for a lot of silliness on the in between. Picked up some readers through my interactions with posters on the XXLMag comments sections (Tony Grand$, Jamal7Mile and Federal Ranger, along with those I have not interacted with or who are reading without commenting), as well as friends of friends.

The Lakers finally got another ring.

I did a lot of riding out with the cameras.

Over the summer, had to vacate the house I was renting, then I would have to play intermediary between my mother and her mother for 2 weeks or so.
While in the house, the seeds were planted in my mind for my most epic series ever, which I just closed out this week. I settled into the middle room, made a plan and then moved into my own shit with The Katie. No sooner than 4 nights in the house, crazy shit starts. With a new plan, new place and newfound creativity, I settled into my most busy period of posting, and it is apparent by the number of comments, even though still not RIDICULOUS compared to what I often see elsewhere, that it has been well-received.
Everyone should remember the epic post on the subject at large.

Automotive pr0ns became a new thing for my fellow automotive nerds.
Aeromotive pr0ns became the same for those into planes.

I am not everything to every person who comes across my blog, but I am the same jerk to all of them, friend or foe, even if I have not specifically called someone a foe (here's looking at you Anonymous).
This year has seen us lose Michael Jackson, Walter Cronkite, Chris Henry, Rihanna's face, Chris Brown's innocence (Tiger Woods' too!), Patrick Swayze, Farrah Fawcette, Billy Mays, Mr. Magic and many more that I just can't remember as I type this. We saw the popularization of the phrase "I'm happy for you, and I'ma let you finish..." and I was waiting to have an opinion on some of it, even if not enough to go in on a full post.

Went on my first real vacation in 2 years and had an epic great time.

As far as "years" go, we don't exactly sit at the end of the end of the year and expound on the virtues of the year we're currently in, normally beyond to sum it up. Looking at what I love, being women, music, cars and movies, this year gets a 50%... I am with the woman I want to be with, as I was at the outset of the year and about 3 months before it. I have come to hate 83% of music released this year and I took in some REALLY good movies, with Transformers II being my only real thumbs downer.

Movie of the year (of what I saw/will see before tomorrow)?
Sherlock Holmes.

Album of the year?
Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse

Disappointment of the year - TIE! Michael Jackson's dying and Kanye West's continued existence.

Comeback of the year?
Eminem, and that is not saying much, considering he took some balls in the face to make a circus around his release.

Flop of the year?
Asher Roth, and I couldn't be happier!

Pop culture whore?
Yes, I am!

Automotive nut?

Evil genius?

People watcher?
Every time I walk out the house!

At the end of it all, the worst of the events of 2009 cast a gray shadow of the best of them to a point... I can still say I am happy though. I got my house, I have my job, my woman and my good health and the bills are paid. I won't kill anyone with the oft-repeated "I'ma make 2010 my year," as alls I NEED to do is make it to the other side in as good shape as I am in right now, so no need to beat you to death with bullshit, I am convinced of what is ahead of me without having to lie to myself.
[Phlip note - if you find yourself in this post from Facebook and you can identify that as a recently posted status, then I am talking to you and anyone who might use it]

As far as my posting goes, I gave you all 203 drops this year not including this one, and while that still pales in comparison to the 5 writing over there at Witches Brew, one must understand that that is just not my style, I talk about what I talk about. I have given several links above covering links to posts/groups of posts about what was specifically mentioned in the above to give context. All are internal to my blog except the one to MySpace.
Now if you all will excuse me, I need to go continue to stew over the fact that my mother did not get me the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator and the fact that NONE of you motherfuckers came Kwanzaa Caroling with me.
I will see you all in 2010.
Happy new years, all.
Skillz will take us out with the 09 Rap-Up


Happy New Year ! You are an incredible writter .. and I hope you will find a larger outlet for your posts in the new year.A local paper or your own newsletter . I dont agree with all your views but I always admire the way you speak your mind. The musings of a madman...sounds like a good title for a book or newspaper column.
Whatever else happens or not . I hope you have a new year as awesome as you are.
Much love and many blessings from my heart to yours. Mama
Tony Grands said…
Good times, Phlip...see you next year, homie!
Federal Ranga said…
Dude... hot way to end it. One issue. Its Ranga... RangA (rang-uh)... just saying.

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