Working with my hands - Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR

So, the lady got me a couple of model cars for Valentine's, and I decided that I would set about the task of putting one of them together this morning at work...

Enter, Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR:

Step one, open the box and realize just how few pieces the kit consists of:

Step two, hang doors, snap in windshield and roof scoop, exterior almost done:

Next, install front grille and head/city lights:

Place steering wheel into dash, then dash into interior, then interior onto frame:

Body onto frame, twist 3 screws:

Choose silver wheels to mount instead of gold because the gold looked silly on the silver car (I MIGHT use them for the Chrysler ME 4-12 she got me though, it's black)

Total time - about an hour, all while actually working... I probably could have knocked it out in 15-20 minutes uninterrupted.
I like it a lot, I am already having thoughts of copping a few more in the near future.


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