PSA's -- they're my anti-drug...

Spoke with Maria not long ago about her messenger status on Google Chat, and I was SUPPOSED to have come home that night and looked for some videos.
Lo and behold, often times I usually do SO much between work and arriving home, I usually forget conversations that took place earlier in the day... In such, January 28th becomes February 14th and I only JUST get around to it. Better late than never when it is in the name of hilarity.
Anyone remember the Reagan-era ONDCP anti-drug Public Service announcements that used to come on ABC during Saturday Morning Cartoons? I sure as hell do.
I will share some of with you as well, though I have been yet unable to locate my 2 favorites just yet.

We can NOT forget the CROWN FUCKING JEWEL of the collection:

On the whole, I am pretty sure that these things did little to nothing in the lines of keeping us away from drugs, but DAMN do they make for an entertaining adulthood, all things considered.
Again, there have been a couple that I can't find, but I will keep looking for them.


Unknown said…
Yes! I got to begin my day with PeeWee Herman. Thanks!!

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