'Bout damned time!

Yeah, I promised over on the MySpace Blog that this was coming, and now is the time...
For a long time, I told myself that I would not be the one to maintain a journal, or a blog, then I looked up one day and had a few readers, a while later I had more, up to the current count of 23 (yes, 23, in the face of my "7 readers" joke). I think that means that people are either waiting patiently for my implosion or are actually interested in my usually random-assed rants and off-color humor.
I noticed as well that while my MySpace PAGE had 7 thousand and something views, my MySpace BLOG was nearing 11k. As a writer, I liked the exposure and my page and blog are both public for that very reason. I will still maintain the page, of course, as I do like to openly converse with folks because, well frankly, MySpace has a few hundred million members, basically an open network for the attention one may need. My blogs there will more than likely be cross posts from here from now on.
You can expect more of the same ol' me; off-color humor, the same pop culture whore, technogeek, car nut, passing interest in politics, whatever whatever. Most who are being directed here are already aware that I have adopted a new "style" for my blogs, and do not often delve into a long story to make my real-life points as I once did (I named that "faction," mixing fact with fiction, it is fun to do, try it sometime). There will, as always, be plenty of photographs, discussion of the things going on around me and (of COURSE) my Little Buddy and our adventures.
One may see this one as an introduction, but the fact remains, people that it is a REintroduction, simply acting upon the tools that are available to me. Another reason for the "expansion" of sorts is that just about any employer worth their salt will BLOCK MySpace, and such is understandable, so I am not mad at that. Also, I have found, as has been noticed by a couple, people with my increased rate of posting, that I have more that I would like to discuss these days, what with my new muse and all (wink wink), and not having to wait until I get home from work and the gym will help me to that.
All of that explained, my name is Phillip, my friends and family call me Phlip, pronounced "flip." Those of you who know me already, thanks for sticking with me, and for those new to my, nice to meet you!


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