Working with my hands -- Chrysler ME Four Twelve

I was up this morning and bored, so I went ahead and assembled the Chrysler ME Four Twelve. Took about no time flat, as there were no extraneous parts (lights, grilles, etc...) that had to be put into the body, just snap some pieces in place, 2 screws and finito.
Start to finish...

Unopened box:

Open everything, assess the task and read the instructions before opening anything:

Hang interior door panels on doors, slide dash on under windshield, and place seats/cover on interior:

Decision time, chrome or brushed?:

In the face of my brown-people sensibilities, I selected brushed, unlike with the CLK-GTR, they go on BEFORE the body:

Sit body down on frame and twist 2 screws, car is assembled:

All opened up:

Get back in the damned box, you!!!:

Total assembly time, less than 20 minutes.
It took all I possessed to not take it back apart and paint that interior black instead of the camel that it came in, but I will refrain in the name of leaving it as it is.
... I think I need another.


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