Mind dump...

Yeah, back to the business of things... What has been on my mind today?
Thanks for asking, as here it all is ahead of you... Enjoy!

They spring more and more evidence on Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez comes out and admits to using steroids, as does Miguel Tejada, but they still seem to want to somehow turn the shit back to Barry Bonds. It reminds me oddly of the GWB push for war in Iraq, how he would NOT mention it without somehow tying it to 9/11.
No matter how much CONFIRMED bad has been done by the people whose stories are hot and current, we are not to forget who the REAL bad guy is, Barry Lamar Bonds.

**********Dear Michael Bay...**********
... you dodged a bullet, literally and figuratively with the last transformers movie... I am promising you, that if Devastator, which originally looked like this:

... comes off looking like this, as has been rumored:

... you will be the Rihanna to my Chris Brown, motherfucker.


**********When you KNOW shit will break...**********
... is it okay to still be pissed when it finally does?
The driveshaft in my car has been on it's last legs for a while, and recently started to rattle, beyond the little clunking when pulling from a standstill... Last night, the rattle became more pronounced and it is now a problem, so I have had to cease driving the car until I replace it. I have a guy in Charlotte who is gonna sell me one on the cheap, I just gotta go down and get it from him... Arrangements have been made to do that next Saturday, then all should be well again.

**********Maybe I AM a bit narcissistic...**********
I was fine with my forearms not being all veiny and shit... It seems, though, as I lose more and more weight and start to firm up, the veins I never really saw are beginning to introduce themselves.
It might be time for another tattoo or 3 on the forearms if I can't adjust to this shit.

**********Good news everyone!**********

This shit has been in my head since 01/27, and I keep finding myself saying "good news everyone" in Professor Farnsworth's voice aloud, even still now. It is beginning to KILL me.

**********Still no word from Obama...**********
... on making the word "swagger" a criminal offense, to be handled in the same manner as treason. One can only hope, though.

**********As my birthday approaches...**********
... I am thinking on whether or not to use a "theme" for the party. We kicked around the idea of an early 80's theme for it, all the way to serving MD 20/20, and 40's of St. Ides, Olde English, King Cobra and Colt 45. Champale would be another option to kick around. I was thinking of finding a jheri curl wig and going all the way with it.
... we still have time, so this will likely change several times between now and July 4.

**********Things I have that you (likely) don't...**********
... courtesy of friends in other countries...
Calpis Soda:

(only got one, so I am afraid to open and enjoy it)
"Hello Kitty" Strawberry Pocky:

(they were broke in shipping, but shouldn't be an issue)
Now to the Kit-Kats:

(I don't know WHAT flavor this is, but I will find out this afternoon)

(this was the crown jewel of the set)

(don't eat beef, but someone in my family will)

(about to open one of these NOW as I type this)

What people apparently fail to realize is that other countries get Kit Kat in flavors other than Milk or White chocolate. Cool stuff like the pocky and actually GOOD Curry as well. The coffee and Calpis came as surprises, but were very much welcomed no less.
Off to enjoy fatteningly indulgent junk food, later folks!

**********2 blogs on the same day?**********
Did you think I was joking about my increased rate of work, owed to my access from my place of employment?
Watch and see.
... this has nothing to do with the fact that I have been posting more than usual the last few months, then oh well, that is owed to something else altogether.


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