Phun Phacts about Phlip

Some of you already know these things, some of these things aren't so weird, some are just downright STRANGE...
  1. I mainly use but 2 condiments:
    Texas Pete Hot Sauce
    Kraft 3-Cheese Ranch

  2. I order spinach on deli sandwiches instead of lettuce, ALL THE TIME...

  3. I eat my side items before eating main dishes almost all the time.

  4. I have a specific order for my tabs in FireFox to be open, if anything upsets that, I close it and open again in proper order.
    Gmail, Zilvia, MySpace (at home, MSN at work), YouTube and then any other variables, which are handled and then closed.

  5. I type things I might need to remember for later in an email draft, then handle it later. I do this for blogs I will post when I get home, pictures I might need to share, or just a means of reminding myself of shit.

  6. I am VERY strict about spelling, punctuation and grammar, even in text messages. I know that I have 160 characters to send one from my phone, but I make a point of punctuating sentences, spelling full words and avoiding the 13 year old girlish habit of shorthand. I know this sometimes causes me to need 2 messages to make my point, but frankly I don't give a damn.

  7. I dip my grilled cheese sammiches in tomato soup.

  8. I sleep at the foot of my bed when I am at home.

  9. When walking on a sidewalk, I count the number of steps I take on each "panel" of the sidewalk and try like hell to make them match.

  10. On long(ish) trips, once I am back in range where the exit numbers are counting up or down to my own exit, I calculate how much time it will take me to get home, based upon exit number and speed. I even do this when someone else is driving.

  11. I have a hard time staying sleep in absolute silence, I need the television on while I sleep... It is as loud as when I am awake.

  12. I plan short trips, like through the city, based upon which method will net me the most right turns instead of left turns.

  13. Sometimes when I am in a public place, like a mall or something I look around at people and create a whole back story leading up to what got them there. Often times, this story is humorous and people are looking at me like some kind of damned alien when I laugh.

  14. My mind ceases processing the spoken words of people at the first instance of the word "conversate" or "irregardless," it is extremely difficult for them to regain my attention or to be taken fully seriously.

  15. I do not own ONE article of red clothing... Closest I have is a burgundy sweater.

  16. I sincerely dislike small quiet keyboards... I actually PREFER the big loud inexpensive ones that click loud a s fuck, much to the chagrin of anyone who must be within earshot when I am typing, as I am a very good typist.

  17. I can't dance...

  18. ... I don't try.

  19. I can only "kinda" sing.

  20. Women in the gym SWEAR I can blow.

  21. I own more than 10 pairs of Shelltoe Adidas, including SuperStars, Pro Models, UltraStars, Pro Models and whatever other name that Adidas assigns my favorite sneakers.

  22. I have a "thing" for buying things in doo doo brown that don't normally come that way. Think about #21, I have 3 pairs of limited run Adidas (Superstar, Stan Smith and Rod Laver) in doo doo brown... I have worn the Stan Smiths 4 times in 3 years.

  23. I am honestly concerned about how pale my face will be when I finally let go of the beard I have been sporting for 7 months now. That fact keeps me from shaving back to the goatee I normally rock.

  24. Haven't had a haircut since 1999...

  25. ... red meat either.

  26. I own 2 big coats...

  27. ... I have not worn EITHER in at least 4 years. If it is any consolation, I did see them both in the living room closet on my way out this morning.

  28. Sometimes when I eat, like with food that must be eaten with a fork and/or spoon, I mix everything into one huge ass pile and eat it that way... It is the exact OPPOSITE of people who eat without letting their food touching. Fuck, I figure it is all going the same place anyway.

This is a list that could be expanded upon at like any time... It was actually born of a thread on a Forum I frequent. Going through a list of "strange" things that people do, or at least things that others may view as strange, we came to realize that we all do a lot of similarly odd things. It has been a fun read so far, and drove me to posting some of mine here.


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