In the kitchen with Phlip -- the "I'm bringing breakfast back" edition

The Katie made a request last night that I do breakfast burritos this morning before I set off to the the plantation, so here we go...

This time I used turkey sausage but you can use swine if you choose, broken up into crumbles and browned:

Spinach wraps:

Triple-cheddar cheese:

And, of course, scrambled eggs:

After browning the sausage, add the eggs and cheese:

and now you scramble EVERYTHING together, mixing it together really good.

Now we can wrap this sumbitch up, step-by-step:

And now, it is time to eat!


L Write said…
my inner fat girl is fighting my outer fat girl to get to that wrap! lol dang that looked good
a lighter shade of beaner said…
Where are the frijoles!!!

It is blasphemous to call anything a burrito without beans-- pinto beans! lots of them! refried in olive oil (gotta stay health-conscious) and spread across the tortilla!

I will not recognize this platter as a burrito until there are beans involved.

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