Snowy days

**********I live in North Carolina...**********
... and it is March...


... first attempt at making it to work has been aborted, I will try again shortly, after we've had some sun on us.
5 inches... I made it to work at 5 minutes til 11...
... my bighead girlfriend only left her place today to go to the store after I told her the roads were clear... I'ma whoop her ass for telling me that. Well, not really, but it was funny to say.

**********Came the fuck up...**********
Saturday, early in my day with my Katie, between breakfast and the Natural Science Center, we stopped by Tuesday Morning at the behest of a friend/sometimes business partner in search of model cars.
Apparently, Tuesday Morning is a seller of factory seconds and/or closeouts and unsold lots from other retailers, bought in bulk and sold at deep discounts. In such, they have some of everything, furniture, non-perishable foods, bedclothes, jewelry, decorations and toys.
Now, you all know, based upon what I have been writing the last few weeks, what with the buildup of a few model cars, and frequent mentions here in my blogs. To this day, I had passed by the Tuesday Morning in Burlington on my way to/from work and during my lunch break for over 2 years now, so I had NO FUCKING CLUE what they were or what they did, so I never stopped in. It was explained to me that I would need to case the store in total to know where what I was looking for was, then sage advice would be to check back as frequently as possible.
Back to the story at hand, I was in for the first time in my life yesterday morning. I saw a Maisto Porsche Cayenne that I liked, but not enough to add to the collection... Well, I MIGHT have, but what I would see 8 feet down the aisle changed my mind.
1998 London Taxi:

Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v:

... now, I have some rarities in my collection, including both the Mach 5 (no longer rare because of the movie) and the Shooting Star (still rare enough for the size that I have) both from Speed Racer. Not one, but TWO of the original (think Michael Keaton) 1989 Batmobile, a 1964 Pontiac GTO Hurst edition and a couple others, but I am SURE that the look on my face when my eyes fell onto that Lancia was nothing short of priceless, ESPECIALLY considering that I was but minutes away from owning it for only $12.99 plus 6.75% North Carolina Sales Tax.
Between Valentine's day and now, I have taken in 8 new model cars, 4 of which had to be assembled by me, I see this thing blowing FAAAAAAR out of proportion, but I see it more as my coming back into an old habit than picking up a new one.

... I just hate that I let Kay Bee Toystores go out of business before raiding them for what they had, as they used to ALWAYS have the good stuff before. Oh well, the fun of the whole thing is the chase, I will keep this up and keep everyone updated.

**********I'm on a boat!!!**********
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

**********Apparently, I have lost a bit too much weight...**********
Image Hosted by
Should I be worried?

**********I am SO cool...**********
... I can stand coolly with a couple of Grizzlies at my back like nothing is wrong at all.
Image Hosted by

**********"Just how in the blue hell...**********
... DID you learn to cook?"
(make note where the punctuation is in that broken-up sentence)
My abilities in the kitchen are a result of a convergence of several things, up to an including.
  1. Upbringing in a family that can cook DAMNED WELL from both (maternal and paternal) sides.
  2. I KNOW how to play shit by ear (for the record, I also learned to drive 5-speed like this).
  3. Alienation of myself from my family by the cessation of eating red meat -- I would have to fend for myself or eat out if I was to not have to eat beef and pork, which would lead to...
  4. ... growing up in a single parent household... Sheeit, you learn from having to make due with growing up with less how to live as an adult with NEEDING less, even if you can foot the bill as an adult. Also...
  5. ... piggybacking on that last one, you learn a level of creativity from such a situation... RARELY is such a creativity more apparent then when you're creating, and in the kitchen is one of those places.
  6. I will ask a question... Have you ever COOKED yourself into sex? With no implied apologies to my current girlfriend for my life before her, the fact remains that there have been MANY an occurrence where being able to prepare a great meal has earned me a night of physical interactions.
  7. I am UTTERLY fucking FEARLESS about fucking up... In my blogs, you guys are seeing the things that I have done enough times to develop a consistent level of success with. On the other side of that, I believe HEAVILY in the benefit of practice or experimenting, so I have some things that I have fucked up in the preparation of literally handfuls of times before getting right. Know and accept that you can and will catch a brick at the stove, and that sometimes it will be edible and sometimes it won't even be good enough for the dog.

**********Yes, as a matter of fact...**********
... I DO have a list (as of 10:26pm on Sunday March 1, 2009) have a growing email draft that now includes 14 model cars that I plan to purchase as money becomes available to do so... If you would like to sponsor, feel free to email or text/call me if you have the number already.

**********I mentioned in a previous blog...**********
That Rihanna would wind up BACK with Chris Breezy the Bitchslapper, and that she would be stupid as FUCK for it...
I said it in conversations with people with differing opinions who may or may not read this, but those peoples' opinion did NOTHING to change my own... She is a DUMBASS for going back, she fails.

**********... and since...**********
... I was right all along, I will make more jokes.

(heheh, get it?)

**********Had some time to wind down...**********
... and I am not as mad about the snow now...
Streets are clear as can be now, and my Little Buddy has now made his first snowman...

Yes, I know he is 5 and should have had such an opportunity before, but we don't normally get enough fluffy snow to do anything with, and this time it was all cool.

**********No basketball on tonight...**********
... I'm gonna wash my ass and go to bed now.


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