"Whatever, Hater"

Not gonna keep y'all too long this time, folks.

**********"Whatever, Hater."**********

I have only been on the internet, due to simple necessity, for recreation only since about 1999ish, I think.
Down through the time, I have notice just how shittily, as a result of interactions via computer, people handle one another. Not even to beat the dead horse of the abandonment of the English language, but it seems as though ANY argument can be drawn to a clear and decisive close with but 2 words...

"whatever, hater..."

See, the apparent prevailing feeling by the (over)users of the word "whatever," is that when it is said, that they apparently care so little about whatever tiny thing you could POSSIBLY have to say to them, no matter how valid it ACTUALLY may be, is literally invalid. No mind is, nor should there be any, paid to how asinine what they're actually saying is. Once a "whatever" is introduced, it is game over, with the victory to the whatever-er.
Piggybacking, we have all at some point listened to something hip-hop related, or watched a sporting event or SOMETHING where one was to spectate with some sort of reverence... When one is not in agreement with something taking place -- be it from jealousy, fanship of a rivaling faction or just plain obtuse for the sake of being obtuse -- that person is said to be "hating," or is "a hater," and apparently there is not much worse in the world one could aspire to be.
Amalgamating these seemingly distant ideas, we have the idea of "whatever, hater..." See, one would likely be able to end an argument with someone (who is more than likely right or at least winning the confrontation by saying one or the other of "whatever," or calling them a "hater," but when one takes a step back and REALLY looks at it, saying "whatever, hater" is like the Egyptian God Card of frivolous bullshit argument tactics...
The very thought of this concept set my mind in motion this afternoon at work... What if.
... no, stay with me here...
What if I found myself in the court one day, before the judge and I was clearly beat by what was ahead of me on the docket?

Let's peer into my day in court:

"How do you plead, Mr. Evans, to the murder and decapitation of your ex wife, her current husband and all of their neighbors?"
"Whatever, hater."
"Well damn, the verdict is not guilty, no need to take this one to trial."

The possibilities are endless!!!

Personally, I am hoping that Chris Breezy the Bitchslapper employs this tactic in making Rihanna look more stupid than she already does for staying WITH his ass.

**********What a weekend, what a damned weekend...**********
Girlfriend came and picked me up early this afternoon, we walked in the park and talked and such, then we were off into one of my "adventures," where I basically just kinda traverse the city with nothing planned in particular, usually armed with nothing more than the camera and an imagination.
Then we just kinda rode around, me showing her shit that I have done and/or have been interested in about the city (she is not from here), like the shopping center where my first job was, then a rock Quarry right down the street from it, and one stop included Wal Mart and I wound up with a couple Model Motorcycles for my troubles.
Saw a GORGEOUS Ferrari as well...
In the course of the day, we swung by a general aviation (small planes, 2-5 seaters for those who don't know) airport where a nice man named Dave Chesney mistook her for one of his students, and we wound up in a bit of conversation about our respective backgrounds, mine as an A&P student and his as a pilot instructor and drill sergeant... My girl has lived her entire life on the east coast, between NC, Maryland and Pennsylvania, and has NEVER flown anywhere.
He went to handle a bit of business in his trailer office and opened his Piper Cherokee 140 for she and I to sit in and me look over, his trusting that I knew what I was doing with my edumacationalized background, and I did so by explaining the instruments and controls and everything, then I helped him cover it back up and put on these blocks to keep the airplane wing flaps from going nutso in the March winds.
Anyway, at the end of it all, he offered to take her and I up for a 30-minute flight one weekend sometime soon, which is enough to cover the entire city and surrounding areas on a scenic tour, for 100 bucks. He also offered, resulting from my background, to let me sit in the other front seat with him and maybe take the controls... I will need to read through my notes and shit so I can remember all the pertinent shit before we go through with this.
She was very excited about this. Her schedule varies on weekends, and I am always off on weekends, so as soon as she has some time off, I will call him and we will hook it up.
Yes, pictures and full blog will take place as a result.
At the end of it all, mama had decided that it was too pretty outside (78º day, in a week we'd seen 15º no less) to NOT fire up the grill, so we ate good at the end of it all as well.
I am kind of enjoying that I can be so happy with a situation without it breaking the bank.

**********Office pool!!!**********
I should just go in to work one Friday and start a random office poll, but don't tell anyone what it is for...
I would make columns with names of everyone else in the office -- with the exception of myself as the "moderator" of this little "game" -- then mark it with all kinds of happy colors and shit.
I would then make places in the columns for people to vote with their names for the people on the list, make sure people know that they are able to vote for themselves, but can only vote once.
The important part is to NOT tell them what it is for.

Now, it is 5pm on Friday, the end of the day and everyone is all getting ready to leave and all for the weekend and shit... It is NOW that I reach in the drawer and take out the rope and, with the angry (or startled into being co-opted) mob of everyone else on the list, then tie up the person with the most votes, take them outside, where they will be drawn and quartered.

**********... thinking about that plane thing...**********
Only down south does it seem that someone would walk up to, strike up conversation with and generally fellowship -- with a perfect stranger for what felt like 15-20 minutes, but was closer to an hour -- in a case of mistaken identity.
It seems that everywhere else I have been in my life, he'd have been running up to get us the fuck away from his plane(s) and questioning what in the hell we were even doing on his strip on one extreme, or completely and totally indifferent on another.
Instead of either, the outcome was something to be genuinely excited about.

**********And for this week's contribution to the ongoing funny**********



... that will be all for now...


Witches Brew said…
I will need a memorial service after that whoopass montage. DEAD.

But, whatever hater.

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