By hook, or by hook, or by hook... Internet Spam rappers

Among other things, one of my day jobs/pastimes is as one of 5 Admins over a web forum that, as of when I type this, has 106,310 members.
You can imagine the amount of traffic a forum of that stature does in a normal day, which makes it quite the valued resource to members and advertisers. Unfortunately this leaves it as a value to spammers as well, and lord knows the Bot Network is HARD at work, as we bust up your standard “unlocked cellphone,” “ED drugs,” “streaming content” and “replica clothes/jewels” posts on the daily.

Suffice it to say that I KNOW what an annoyance it is to be sold something that I have not agreed to be sold. I mean, I watch sporting events fully understanding that there will be advertisements all over the arenas and commercials every 5-9 minutes. That said, when I go to FaceBook or Twitter from my desktop, the last thing I want is to be inundated with link after link after link after post about your music site, about your “best hip-hop blog on the net” about your Reverb Nation page, and your “music-specific” Twitter account…
If you’re on my FB and have access to some of the most mundane details of my existence, suffice it to say I consider you a close enough personal acquaintance to allow you that access. With that in mind, when you post a link to your own music, I will try it once, as many as three times to decide whether or not to like it, whether to follow your blog or click “like” on a post or a vid. If 3 weeks have past, conscious decisions have been made to or not to do so, trust me.

If you’ve posted the same link 8 times in 3 days and it only has 10 views and the only comment is your own, then perhaps your work is not as good as you pretend it is. And every time posted after that first one went up with ZERO impressions then you became one of the spammers I described in the first paragraph, and that is applicable to any form of unsolicited advertising. As per standard operating practices, the natural next step is not to go back to the drawing board and make something that is actually enjoyable.

Look… I respect the fact that you’re trying to do something to get yourself out of your mother’s house without it involving helping yourself to any of the electronics in my living room, really I do. The fact, however, remains that if I were interested in your music, I would have liked your FB music page without you needing to ask me to, and the number of personal friends whose music pages I like should speak to that fact.

It will be seen in no way as endearing or as you "being on your grind" to continue throwing your music up in peoples' faces who have already exercised their right to indifference. No, my indifference does not make me a "hater," shouldn't EVER bring into question whether or not I am a "real nigga," nor does it ever at any point stamp me as "fake."

Funny how “underground” hip hop has evolved over the last 12 years. First, it was a group of artists who were more about the music than the scene, then it became those same artists pissed at people who were “on” because they sold huge numbers of otherwise shitty music.
Now, though? It is people – at least down here – who do their best Jeezy/Gucci/TI impersonations, and following the lead to a tee they make “mixtapes” where they often rhyme over other peoples’ beats - or use ones made by their friends with inferior production techniques – stamp their music as “trap certified” (ACTUAL words he used) and become hostile when you tell them you aren’t interested.

… and y’all wonder why I have come to dislike black people?


Kousen Tora said…
And even if you tell them in a nice and non-threatening manner they actually get mad when you tell them that it's not that great..

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