Buddy Day!!!

Okay, so 6 years ago today, "Little/President/Doctor/Professor/Evil Genius Buddy, Esq." was born, and my sister actually sends me a text this morning saying "Don't forget your Buddy's birthday is today," as if I would ever damned forget.
Did Obi Wan forget Skywalker's birthday?

Anyway, I delayed my late break to call her and wish The Buddy a happy birthday, and arranged with The Katie to swing by after we got off work and bid him one in person. Time comes, we go by Regina's, right around the corner and he is in his room watching one of maybe 5 Spongebob episodes I like -- "HALL MONITOR!!!" -- and then the light is on, and I celebrate his 6th birthday the same way we've celebrated the whole of the last 6 years of his life.
Come along with me in images:

And like that, we were done. The Buddy has school in the morning -- first grade is serious business -- and The Katie and I have work. Party is Saturday at my sister's place.


Tony Grands said…
Happy B-Day Buddy!

(Pass that on for me Phlip, por favor...)

Yes, first grade is serious biz. My son's first day was yesterday. He's got one of those strong, black women teachers, finger-snap, neck-rolls & all.

Don't you miss those days?
Phlip said…
Whatup, Grands!

I will fill The Buddy in when I see him Saturday.

Try as I might, I can NOT remember first or second grade, I remember Kindergarten, then I remember 3rd grade, but it is like 1st and second were this bigass window that might not have really happened, so not having a memory of them makes them hard to miss.

I remember going to visit my sister last week when Nick was doing homework with his dad, her fiance, and seemed legitimately pissed because he was not being allowed to play until he did some damned reading, which he has been doing since he was 4... The transition from Kindergarten to regular grades will anger this child, and I will watch with the comfort of not being a parent from three quarters of a mile away.
Godspeed to my sister.

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