Classic Japanese Automotive Pr0ns -- Datsun 510

Now, I will have to qualify this one as "pr0nographic to me, at least" when I consider that most of both of my readers will not give a damn about, or might even turn their noses up at the Datsun Bluebird 510, but I like what I like.
Fact, here is that if I could find a 510 in good non-rusted shape with decent enough body panels and running well enough to last a couple or few months before changing out an engine in it, I would IMMEDIATELY sell my 240SX and change projects. The car is boxy, yes. Changes in tastes have served that for some reason, I actually LIKE that about it. It is so "uncool," when one considers sense of the word "cool," that it is actually cool in how it can't try to be.

Manufactured from 1968 to 1973 and a few rumored remakes, they were blessed (HA!) with engines ranging from 77 (L13) to 105 (L18) horses, which was more than serviceable in late-60s/early-70s terms, but would SURELY need replacement/enhancement in 2009 terms. As things go with Nissan, that is not a terribly insurmountable task to be conquered.

Anyway, as my "automotive pr0ns" series goes, I now owe you some images, no?

Ooh look, Honda S2000 engine!

... at the end of it all, I couldn't be wholly specific as to WHY I want one, other than the simple fact that I fucking do. The same, largely, can be said for my 240SX. I will chalk this one up to Datsun (Nissan) having manufactured the little shoebox with magic, or perhaps some voodoo.
This is one of the few cars in existence where I would accept it however it came, coupe, sedan or wagon.

I know I hadn't done one of these in a few weeks, but don't let that make you think that I had one burst of a month, then got lazy. I just been busier than a one-armed hooker and I am beginning to run out of ideas for the series. Frankfurt Motor Show was last/this week, so I will be seeing some new shit coming down the line which will SURELY make for some Automotive Pr0ns moments in the near future.


DC said…
lol- my car is i ther like 4-5 times.. yellow 510.. :) now fully caged, wheels fit nicer with bigger tires and a pretty vg is installed - nice post. love the 3rd 510 down from the top
Phlip said…
You, sir, have a very nice automobile and thank you for allowing for it to be one of those featured here.

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