Iron Mike

At 30 years of age, I only saw the last 6 months of the 70s, so I will call myself an 80s baby. Part of being an "ethnic" child of the 80s means that one has been at least effected by the rapid ascent of one Michael Gerard Tyson, if not a fan of it. The problem with that on the whole is that it would have to come crashing down just as quickly after the Buster Douglas screwjob (yes, I was 10 when it happened, and I STILL think that the knockdown of Douglas was counted wrong, I was watching with my brother and my dad on HBO).

Anyway, the "rags to riches aesthetic" has a corollary, which is naturally named as "riches to rags," and the obviousness of it is laid apparent in the lives of so many who have fallen from grace back to bullshit. Without getting into fake rape cases and coonishly lavish spending, not to mention actually MARRYING Robin Givens, a lot of Mike's downfall was self-inflicted, but he seems to have maintained enough in all he has lost well enough to maintain a comfortable enough lifestyle for his wife and kids.

Well, back to the reason for this blog -- since I seem to be all into sharing videos this month so far -- and that is the fact that on the way up, down and since that Mike has been an ongoing reel of out-takes, one liners and random intentional and unintentional funnies. Some of them may not be funny to those with good comedic taste, but I have no qualms with admitting that I am a fucking jerk with a morbid sense of humor.
Therefore, I invite you all to have a laugh with me...


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