This is how one rhymes

Most who have known me longest know I am absolutely a Stan for Royce Da 5'9" and have been since before I found the internets...
The irony of being a "Stan" for Royce is not missed on those who know the full story of him Bodying Eminem on "Bad Meets Evil" and mostly anything else they did together before Em shit on him and signed D12, then 50 Cent and his weed carriers while Royce never gained teeth in the industry, what with not selling out from his hard-assed rhymes.
I am here in the comprutah room with the Katie 6 feet to my right, spinning through the tens of thousands of songs on this fucking box, and I happened upon "The Return of Malcolm" on "The Bar Exam," one of the best mixtape efforts I have yet come across...
Anyway, anyone who KNOWS knows that Royce did the FIRST version of this song over Jeezy's "I love It," but did the BEST version over Kanye West's (who he fell out with over the song "Heartbeat") "Gone," so I will present you with THAT version of it.

I will play the role of the bouncing ball, all you will need to do is load the video, then scroll below and read along with the lyrics.
Trust, I have listened to this song a few hundred times, I would only hope that I couldn't fuck this up...

I feel like I'm at the height of my jump, while y'all pivotin'
Where y'all visiting, I'm livin in, ballin' in here
The hundreds and fifties in cheeseburgers the twenties is balled up the singles is all in the air
The hundreds of bitches that WE murder
We ain't speakin' literally, we team up and we squirt all in they hair
Give her some coke and a promise, give her some nut in the throat
She suck til she spittin' up coconut vomit (get it?)
Pardon me miss I'm just fedup with the way this system is setup
The shit they had me livin' in prison was better
Rhymin' perfection!
Is it a setup to give me a year in the county around the time of election?
Or should I just shutup, zip it or kick it
Try to get you to picture the vision
Lyrically this is my petition to picket
Free me or eventually see me
The heat in my belt, hangs an inch from my pee-pee like the keys or my cell
To censor me is to censor my CD which inspires me to spit what will eventually be the key to my sales
Times is changin', everybody's God's the same but their mind's ain't
So to talk about that kind is dangerous
Blacks against affirmative action sounds insane as war in Iraq while Saddam is hangin
A dead man's a dead man, they're 2 of a kind
You can't break me, I'm handstandin' doin' my time
It's nothin' my crew makin' my bread while I'm in jail
Had n****s buffin' my boots and makin' my bed
Time'll tell who down to bail
If you gettin' down and I'm wild, you're arms'll flail
When I bomb, I unwind like I respond from hell
Only shots you takin' are the ones that evolve from shells
[the following name has been edited to keep the peace]
If something's on your mind, then n***a say it, you scared?
If I was tryna x you out, then you know you'd be dead
You want beef with me like you need a hole in your head
You little stone throwers
You signed to a label ass n****s ain't said shit, until you own yours
Whenever them triggers is buckin' I gotta write a letter to Trojan
To request them n****s to up it
Because my dick get bigger, my balls get larger
To a size that my draws can't swallow
For y'all, it's suicidal
The verbal amphetamines, the quotes that's coke laced
Inserted with ketamine, when spoken they pulsate
Earthquake, Houston we got a problem, we settin' your turf straight
Your troops; our pilot piles 'em up
The Holocaust you pay it's Hitlers way
You dis me today, you get merc'd for Christmas
But the curse is giftless
I'm the first to spit shit from a podium
Go to your local church to get this
Y'all sell chickens I only serves the biscuit
Leave your brains on the street, give your curb the blisters
Chicken noodle soup your brain, let it rain, then I clear it out
All the vets say I'm official
And you can ask Diddy, but now that I'm doin' time like Shyne
I'll probably press play on the pistol
Political prisoner
Got ammo around my torso like Rambo
Banana around my waist like I'm a gorilla
It's time to apply my pace now on the for-realer
Bandannaaround my face like dead prez
(take a breather)
You are now riding with the flow of the flyest
The livest inside, who Jesus chose, who 'Hov inspired
Extreme formula, in this chess game
Accept change, you the king, we the queen cornerer
Best thing spittin' since a geyser
Methane rhythm it's supplier
Written with the fire
Doused by the best team with him when he ridin out
Because the check flame when it gets divided
About n****s livin through decisions
Learnin' and givin' you the business
Quittin' is a privilege
Suited at a funeral killin' any witness
Over dead pres's I'm here to view the digits
Clearin' out the airspace, pointing out who ain't dead
I'm God's gift to this world, I'm going out with reindeer
Coming back on Bambi
Leap years a thing of the past when I return and spring from my ash
Like a deranged angel who came 'cause you asked
But I ain't here to save you, I came for your ass
It's sorta like the reaper, blowin' at your concert
We write through the speakers, knowin' that it's God's work
Rap is a prison that'll trap you in freedom
The contradiction of your past 'til after you see 'em
I don't have to proceed with no master's degree to change the art
I came and waxed the museum
I saw, I conquered
I paused my disc to do a bid, so y'all could spit 'bout how you do a bid
N***a is you grown or you a kid?
You trash and don't make me blast and turn your dome into a lid
Open your mind, put lead in your brain
You dope for your time/I'm ahead of your game
The door's open
And I'm in it, I'm so focused while you still focusin'
And when I'm finished you gon' hope that it's still openings
Maybe I lucked up
Either I'm straight crazy or slavery got a n**a fucked... up
Eminem and Kramer
The minimum will blame 'em
The average n***a got the word spinnin' in their changer
The average n***a raised by the average n***a, hey
It's the average n***a way
Just say n***a with an 'A'
Riddle 'em and hit 'em with the K
Let him speak, when he fiddle with the trigger, let him kill 'em with the sage
Sodom or Gomorrah
Which one are you the more of?
Chevy sittin' on 30's or 20's on Azures
Fiendin' for that spot
The money 'bout to burn a hole in my pocket so I gotta extinguish that with a bop
Put it out with a Phantom, bring out on the block
With no driver, hoes, y'all wanna ride or not?
Gotta peel the pedal, a lot of troops done died
Why deal with the devil knowin' I got a truce with God?
Gotta peel the pedal, a lot of troops done died
Why deal with the devil knowin' I got a truce with God?
Gotta peel the pedal, a lot of troops done died
Why deal with the devil knowin' I got a truce with God?


Tony Grands said…
Royce is hard. Pause.

He definitely an acquired taste, though. Pause again.

I think he was better when he was relatively unknown, he still handles his.

But, we are in agreement, "Bad Meets Evil" is one of the best songs of either man's career.

Too bad Marshall left him high & dry. Although, thats just my opinion.

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