This is really what it has come to?

What ya'll DON'T realize is that at the gas station right up the block, there was a guy in a robe with a sandwich board sign that said "suck some dick for gas," it was the weirdest thing.

*****For the sake of normalcy...*****
Gimme my coffee bitch!!!

And yes, I make it right here at the house. See, I am newly poor and cannot afford Starbucks, or even McDonald's coffee, so I make to the Wal Marts and get the Maxwell House $6.00 sale price, I try to grab one every time it is on sale:

Normally, I go with the Columbian, but somehow these fuckers decided to try to get cute and NOT put that one on sale, right next to EVERY other flavor, all of which were. I selected South Pacific Blend, so as to still have a medium dark roast, without having to get the bitterish French blend.

No, I do not drink my coffee black, it must be whitened about the complexion of a light skinnded person, and properly flavored. The flavor of this week is International Delight's "White Chocolate Raspberry," which I will add is quite tasty.

Another item I wait on sales to grab up.

In all, I get my daily cup of coffee and it costs me a TINY fraction of what it would cost me to stop in Starbucks or anywhere else with even passably decent coffee.

*****Drug my ass this morning...*****
Anyone who knows me knows that I am best about my punctuality. This morning, though? I couldn't be bothered to want to leave the house in any real time, and didn't get out until almost quarter of 8, about 20 minutes AFTER I normally leave, surely I would be about 15 minutes late and frankly after the week I've had at work, I didn't particularly care.
Somehow, traffic was right and I moved like a madman on the highway and managed to only be 6 minutes late. To top it off, I was somehow granted rockstar parking:

I know it happened because 3rd shift leaves as 1st comes in, but I almost NEVER get that spot, the closest one to the entrance not marked for the handicapable. Too bad the rest of my day was no less shitty and soul-draining that most others...
I hope.

*****Back to my past...*****
Sitting around the house last week while The Katie was in class, I actually turned on the PS2 (yes, I still have a 2, because I NEED backwards compatibility)... I know I started in on this a year late, but I started LEGO Batman and I am convinced that this is among the most enter-fucking-taining games I have played in quite a while.
The layout is fun and "cute," if one might say so (no brokeback), what with boards being constructed of LEGO pieces and quirky little things about it lending themselves to not be taken too terribly seriously. Of course, the elements of the game are that you destroy things, beat people up and traverse the boards, all while doing things in a specific order, like a puzzle or whatnot, but done so in a manner that also tells a story, so things are to be done in order. This goes a VERY long way in having held my attention to eek some marathon sessions of 3, 2 and 5 hours each for each sitting now. I am about halfway finished with the "story" of the game, but only about a 3rd of the way done with "completing" the game, as in there are extras and shit that can be done in route to actually finishing up.
Since I am now broke most of the time in the name of not being homeless and actually eating, perhaps I will be back tethered to my video games as a means of keeping my ass in the house, like back in the days.

*****3 weeks in...*****
Football season has started, and now 3 weeks have gone by and we're at the end of September now.
That means that I only have 4 weeks remaining until NBA season starts, and I could not be ONE bit happier. Again, a previous promise from the end of the season dictates that I not go in on it yet, so I will sit on this one.

*****I guess anyone reading can see...*****
That I enjoy cooking.
There was the tuna pasta that I made last weekend based upon what I had seen on MSN Friday before last. Today, I saw another splash that caught my attention enough to at least get me back on the page.
This time, I will share the whole thing, the recipes, some of many you will soon be seeing in these pages, are coming from and wherever they should happen to lead me.
This will be fun.

****Okay, I spent a week*****
And this is not going much further, I will call this one a wrap for now. Otherwise I am just babbling.


Tony Grands said…
My boy has Lego Batman & Lego Star Wars on Nintendo DS.
I'll admit to stealing some time when I'm not doing anything, & both games are mad fun.

I'm sure you can find Lego Star Wars for cheap somewhere. You'll like that one also.
Federal Ranga said…
It's weird... a dude came into my gas station a few weeks back and was asking if we bought gold... I'm like, "Are you serious? This is a gas station!!!"

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