Hypnosis (A Fun-Raising Experiment)


You are getting sleeeeeeepy...

     Good afternoon, dear reader and welcome…
Now that I have you all focused (or experiencing an epileptic episode from the above light show), allow me to explain to you why we are here.

     Several years ago when I started this, I activated and allowed ads on the page in an attempt at what I thought would monetize a talent.
Do you know how many tens of thousands of eyeballs on stories it takes for that to actually work?  Wait…  That is tens of thousands of eyeballs who ALSO periodically click on ads as well.

     Needless to say, that wasn’t it.  A couple of years ago when I came back from my new job/hospitalization hiatus, I realized something.  Two things, actually…

1 – When I am using my phone an encounter a page with ads on it, I am more inclined to say “fuck that” and close.

2 – When I am on either of my computers, I have adblocker set to gestapo and I haven’t known what an ad on a web page looks like for several years.

“Alexa, play ‘Angel’!”

     Did you know I have paid more in website fees over the years than the less-than-enough-to-actually-cashout amount that the ads earned?  It seems that I am pouring my talents into a medium that is fast heading the way of the Dodo Bird and the Wooly Mammoth.

     This is where you come in…  For the low low price of just one dollar (or more if you're generous) per reader, you too could help to support a bearded supervillain continue to fund his literary endeavors and perhaps one day achieve the dream or expanding his reach into other mediums?  An idea imparted onto me by one of the homies was to create a companion podcast.  I always write the story in the same voice I would tell the story to someone sitting in the room with me, so I could handle the change.  Podcasts ain't free to get up and going though.  Equipment (everyone has heard a podcast that sounds like it was recorded via phonecall), hosting, etcetera etcetera etcetera.
What is there to gain?  More True Story©…  More Moe Phillips, More image hosting, More supervillainy, More More More!!!  What have we to lose
It's like getting 
True Story©... in a format you can take with you in the car without worry of getting a ticket or smearing a pedestrian all over the crosswalk.

Phlip note: that was four bold Mores, three exclamation points and an interrobang.  Serious bidniss.]

Our operators are standing by for your pledges.  Please dial the 1-800 number below for--…  What the fuck am I talking about?  Here’s the QR code and information for donations.

Everything helps, but so does the attention that I hope the weekly tales gather.  It justifies the time and effort I pour into this.  With that said, likes and shares of the posts on your chosen social medias are greatly welcomed, as are any likes/share/follows on the BookFace Page as well.


     Now that you’re no longer under hypnosis, you may go out into the world and donate to--…  err, do as you will.
Good day, all.


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