GoT Recap... "Winterfell"

                Okay, so we got a slow start….
I expected a six-episode season to mean that that the body count would be swift and intense, but I didn’t get that.
I DID get ol no-dick-having Theon Greyjoy showing off his (non) balls and saving Yara.  I DID get the surprise of people who have quite apparently been away from everyone else for what is apparently months and/or years learning that Arya is not dead, and I did get Sansa still basking in her “Littlefinger is Dead” afterglow and not fucking this episode up.
We also got Euron thinking with his dick as his biggest mistake.
On the whole, though, this was a WILD slow-building episode when one stops to consider that this season will only be six episodes long.
The fact that the wall was breached was never mentioned by anyone until 40+ minutes in, the fact that Jon Snow had actually smanged his auntie (who, I theorized, impregnated her in doing so) was not brought to us until ten minutes after that and the fact that old talking-without-parting-her-teeth Cersei got so little screen time was mildly unnerving to people with attention spans as short as my own.
There is a LOT to unpack in these episodes, considering the army marching south and the army (armies) marching north to meet them and the aforementioned shortened time to tell these intersecting stories.  The writer in me angers at the Deus Ex Machina ending that this seems to be inviting, but we will save that for one of the following five weeks of this exercise.
All that aside, though…
Arya is gon’ fuckin’ GUT somebody soon.
Daenerys will reveal her pregnancy with her nephew sometime before April is over.
Sansa’s cattiness will bring about her death soon.
Now back to Jon’s line to the throne he has currently ceded to his new woman…
I am concerned for how he and more importantly she and her ego will respond to the news that he outranks her in the “surviving heirs to the throne” game.  Will she attempt to burn him, will she die as she gives birth to that baby he left in her at the end of season 7, will he stand on his oath of fealty to her and this all go over peacefully?
Strike that last shit, THAT one ain’t happening.
This post is short.  This episode was too.  This episode was the meringue on my grandma’s baked banana pudding; fucking GOOD and perhaps enough to make anyone who didn’t know better’s whole MONTH, but there is something better bubbling JUST underneath.
That staredown between Jamie Lannister and Bran Stark to set us up for next week, tho...
We’ll be here next week to discuss it.


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