GoT Recap... "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms"

     As quickly as this story is developing, there is an EXTENSIVE amount of attention to small details in setting it up…
We get MORE reunions though; Dany confronting the man who killed her father, Brienne vouching for Jaimie, Jorah giving his family weapon to Jorah, the so-believed “victims” of the Beyond the Wall dummy mission actually making it back and Tormund hilariously continuing to shoot his shot with Brienne.

     Bran caught us with his MAJOR ability to throw shade with his “the things we do for love…” and “how do you know there will be a ‘later’?” lines.  He can surely drag a room back to reality quickly.  It calls back to my memory when he cut Littlefinger off with his own “chaos is a ladder” line to let us all know he should be feared.  What scares me here is that he presents himself to know everything and somehow at the same time just not quite enough at the same time.
That he knows The Night King is after him and Samwell’s understanding of why this is a thing that matters as much as it so happens to matter combined with Bran's knowing just little enough to not quarterback this shit to a swift ending lends to a theory I have about how this will all play out which I will get into next weekend.

     The exchange between Dany and Sansa has me more in Sansa’s corner for the first time in the course of this whole series.  Sansa is clearly thinking logistically while Dany is thinking with her dick.

     Hanging over this episode is the “we all ‘bout to die” narrative that came to Winterfell with Tormund and ‘em.  It culminated in Arya making good on her two-episode quest to get her cheeks clapped.  It is just the kind of doomsday hail Mary that anyone smart would throw.
Speaking of shooting shots and getting cheeks clapped, it seems all too late in the game that something is brewing with Jaime and Brienne, but one of them will wind up dying before anything will come of it.

     The absence of Cersei in this episode and repeated frequent mentions of her was kind of weird.  It seems that everyone now knows she thinks she is playing them, but at her own peril.
What is eerie about it all is how sure everyone is that they are not too much longer for this world either.
Well, except for Grey Worm who has vowed to take my fictional future ex-wife Missandei back to her home and defend it with his team.  It is interesting the moment JUST before he made that promise to her, where she was racially profiled as one of the only two black people in Westeros allowed to survive in 8 years.

     We knew that it would have to happen soon that Jon told Dany the truth of his origin, and I guess it couldn’t have been any better presented than the way it came out but she took the news EXACTLY as I told the wife person last week that she would – complete denial.
Her ego is going to bring about some TRAGIC deaths.

     This season was set with the two shortest episodes to get the chess pieces in place.  This was moving some pawns, throwing some weak jabs if you will.
Personally, I kick in the door and move the knight first in a game of chess, but I am also kind of ignorant and have a short attention span.
I’m off topic or deep into a metaphor that might only make sense later in the season.
The sequence ending this episode to lead us into the CARNAGE that will come about in the four long ones to end the season should fully justify the amount of money my wife only this morning informed me we will be paying for HBO until the minute this shit is over.

     Next. Week. It. Is. Fucking. ON!


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