That's right, LeBron... (round 3)

Season is over, and I am done with poorly pretending to be objective.

LeBron James is on vacation again, and while I cannot classify it as “early,” as it took place at the end of an NBA Finals series, you bet your ass it is bitter, considering the outcome of said series…

Does it feel at all odd that I am thanking/praising the team that outed my Lakers for completing this?
Perhaps a little, but my dislike for LeBron James has been allowed to supersede any anger I might feel for having taken advantage of a Lakers team that did not bother showing up. At the top of the season, Dallas was 5th at best on my radar among teams I thought would still be standing at the end of the playoffs and Miami was somewhere around third or fourth. That taken into consideration, you bet your ass I am surprised that we’re now discussing them with the finals over.

Congratulations, Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban can now resume his motormouth ways and thank you for finally getting Jason Kidd his ring.

Miami should have known what they were buying to begin with...

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And then there was this big ginormous pep rally, and then all that shit came crashing down... Miami lucked into the middle of their pre-All-Star schedule and the media was back on their dicks.

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(damn, playboy, what the fuck happened to that?)

And then the playoffs drew closer and it was apparent that the teams at the top of the east had their milk, and this was worth mentioning until the playoffs started.

The road slightly rockier than it should be against a team with a sub-.500 record, Miami put Philly down, then finally turned the corner against half of a Boston team, and then took advantage of Carlos Boozer in Chicago.Click the image to open in full size.

Wait, let's have some fun with that last one...

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but when the playoffs came, no one was beating them.

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(Damn, is this a PATTERN with these guys? Is Sporon COACHING this shit into them?)

Those of you who follow me on the Twitters may recall my statement that Scottie Pippen is the best defender in the league right now, because all he did was SUGGEST that LeBron was better than Cheese Eyes--... err, Michael Jordan, and it totally took LeBron out of the finals.

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Yeah, when faced with Dallas, it was November all over again, the boys couldn't close out games or hold leads, and LeBron became the butt of a BUNCH of jokes about not finishing games and all the original ones about his hairline.

He responded with the usual prickly answer to the reporters, and by attempting to flop some more.

LeBron James Flops
(man, this shit ain't even cute mo more)

And here I am, on the other side of a season in which I was wrong more than I was right, I ate my crow and still wanted for the Heat to fall... And whaddyadamnedknow?

Third annual "ha ha, LeBron failed again" post, and I think it's funny.

Funnier is the date and time that I was DONE writing this post:



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