Where has he been?

I know one of the two of you might be so inclined to ask...
well, probably not.

Where have I been?

The homie (and fellow Lakers fan) Tony Grands came at me before the NBA season and asked me to cover the Lakers for his spot. Given how I LOVE to talk basketball, I obliged without haste. A few posts in, it was noticed that when I mentioned more than just the Lakers, we got even more attention from his regular readers and avid Googlers, it seemed. Expansion took place.

Needless to say, I have enjoyed my time spent blogging the NBA (blogging is not journalism, necessarily, so I didn't have to pretend to be objective), but the season has drawn to a close and I am back to my own spot.
For a look through what I have been doing once weekly, then every game of the NBA finals, stop by his spot and check out the "headbands and jockstraps" tag. You will find all of my posts there, as well as a few more on sports on the site. Feel free to comment, stay a while and read more, he posts way more than I do, and is good at what he does.

Without outside obligations, my activity here will be ramped up, until next season begins at least.


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