Phlip's positive hip-hop reinforcement

I’ve been told I am a “hater,” and that I am incapable of conducting a discussion of hip hop music without falling off into some profanity-laced diatribe filled with nothing particularly constructive.
Apart from genuinely not knowing what a “hater” actually is, as employed, I cannot disagree with this assessment of my own presented opinions of the current state of hip hop. What I am going to do today is offer all the positive reinforcement as it relates to the current state of hip hop, and I will not do so with the “aching pussy” approach of “underground ‘hip-hop’ vs. mainstream ‘rap’,” as that is a divisive tactic employed by a generally annoying minority fringe group of hip hop "fans" that I just refuse to employ.

In discussions with some good friends this week, it was noted that until about 2003-2004ish – perhaps 05 at the latest, I could be counted on to buy 30-50 newly released CDs in a year, 80-85% of which of the hip hop genre. I was in a bit of a renaissance at the time where I had disposable income, that much decent music was coming out and I was serious about my physical media collection.
A perfect storm, if you will…

Enough about my favorite time of hip hop – a very admitted 1996-2003 are it for me – I said that we were going to speak up on 2011.
Unlike 2004-06, I now own a home, have two cars and a family occupying that home and those cars. Responsibilities are different, but I COULD still afford $10-20 a paycheck for a CD or two if I was so inclined to want to do so. It’d be a recommission of my alcohol budget, honestly.
As I type this, we are 230 days into the year. I have purchased 3 albums. THREE!

DJ Quik – The Book of David
Killer Mike – PL3DGE
Eminem and Royce Da 5’9” – Hell: the Sequel

… and that is IT. Not for lack of applied interest, but nothing new has interested me following my test drives. Of those, only DJ Quik’s was purchased without a “test drive” and my plans include a purchase of Royce’s new album this weekend.

I am not pleased…

Easy, Phlip, you promised that there would be no profanity and no “hatin’” in this post!

Okay, back to the initially stated task at hand. I am going to refrain from speaking negatively on hip hop in general for the remainder of this post.

See? How hard was that?
There are some things that I am not even sure I am looking forward to, I will wait and be surprised by them when the princess and I stroll the mall and I stop in FYE to decide who has earned my $10 or less on single-disc CD albums.

Next time I talk hip hop, I might not be so nice about it.


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