True Story© - Bringing the Curl Kit Back

True story©…

She has a bathroom full of natural hair care products. All kinds of olive oil and shea butter and other things that look like she pays a lot for them to be shipped to the house and aren’t available in stores.

Well one night my stomach was misbehaving and my phone was dead, so the only thing I could do to pass the time was to look at and smell the various things on the little shelf in front of the throne (yes, boredom is THAT bad in the mind of a supervillain). Moisturizers, double moisturizers, super triple moisturizers, coil activators, curl activators, shampoos, conditioners, comb-through conditioners, leave in conditioners, EVERY damn thing you could imagine.
My mind immediately went back to the ‘curl activator’ thing. Without tipping anyone to what I was up to, I decided to see if it would be ANYTHING like I imagined it would be so I waited until I got to work to test the theory that it would give me the LOOK of a late 80s/early 90s Los Angeles rapper with none of the worry for the furniture or the collars of my shirts.


So as I allow my hair to grow for a little while here, and with the cooperation of my barber, I will FINALLY be able to achieve my dream haircut of a Caesar with waves in the front and shag in the back, with the added benefit of having what APPEARS to be a jheri curl in the shag part. It will be the most luxurious and healthiest curl kit ever invented.


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