The frozen tundra of... Greensboro NC (?)

Yeah, this is some ol' bullshit, Illaldo!

Last weekend, we were advised that there COULD be some winter weather headed in for the week ahead, which ends today.
[Phlip note - a week is Monday through Sunday, fuckers]
As the week progressed, the 'chance' became a 'watch' of a system coming in, which in turn became a warning for actually observed weather, which in turn became a storm that left stores completely void of milk, bread, eggs and beer.
Meanwhile, my rear-wheel-drive sportscar driving ass had to continue to go to work as if I didn't JUST have a harrowing drive home under the same circumstances just 6 weeks ago. Fuck my life, I guess.
Either way, on Thursday, I went ahead to the Wal Mart for some things, including frozen veggies and other food supplies not including milk, bread, eggs, but DEFINITELY including alcoholic beverage.

Around the house:

Out front

The Katie-mobile.

Don't play in the yellow snow, Bruise.

The neighbors'/visitors' automobiles and a view down the street.


The neighbors' vehicles

Next, breffass at IHOP and an endeavor into the Wal Mart next door to it.

Seagulls... Damn, motherfucking seagulls. I live 3 fucking hours from ANY coast, the fact that it was 11 degrees overnight notwithstanding, and these shit machines were just chillin next to the snow drifts.
Let's fuck with 'em...

*beebeep* OUTTA THE FUCKIN' WAY!!!

Apparently, this USED to be a cart corral, but I am willing to bet that a spot of some NC winter-weather driving exacted some other plans.

Now, let's stop for gas and traipse through this shit, head on back in...

Your 4WD is useless when you're driving on a sheet of ice... What is fucked the fuck up about the last couple pics is that I was standing 3 blocks from a police precinct and less than a mile from the hospital. I guess the safety of the people matter not, eh?

Believe it or not, this is a highway offramp.

Back in the house, darkies!

Wait, gotta go to my car and get my phone cable...

Looks like Preston had the same idea as me, parking between Regina and Granny's.

Park across the street from Regina's:

(fun fact... I know mama walked Addie this morning because I saw both of their footprints, and I further know that my brother was somehow involved in this as well since his were out there as well)

All things considered, I am sure that I will not be making it to work on time tomorrow, as I know my car is not coming out of THAT shit with any level of ease, so I will simply try to make it to the best of my ability, especially considering that I was having NO parts of parking my car on the street in front of my house... Luckily it is safe in a cul-de-sac with family where someone is always home and therefore safe.
Eh, well... All should be okay tomorrow evening once the sun has more chance to turn this shit to slush, and they had already scraped the street in front of my house, exposing the part of the curb that I actually park on. If the Lexus 4 houses down is any indication of how they scraped it, I had done myself a favor by thinking ahead...
Well... Lakers game is on now, I am moving this show to the couch.


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