Saturday morning cartoons, an experiment

8:03am - Wake up and report to the living room.

8:05am - Remote in hand, spinning channels... The only thing on is what appears to be Curious George on UNCTV (PBS to the rest of you)

8:07am - I renege on the 'no computer' thing, sitting down to move files from the old computer to the new one, while I turn to the TV Guide Channel to see what time some real cartoons come on.

8:14am - The only channels showing ANYTHING other than the above mentioned Curious George -- if not news or paid programming -- are Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., and the cartoon network...
I do not see myself watching Fairly OddParents, Max & Ruby, or Ben 10 Alien Force, so this experiment is drawn to a close quickly.

8:20am - I turn to SportsCenter... Epic phail.

8:30am - fuck that too, I am going to work on my project.

This blog entry was dreamed up as a chance for me to go behind enemy lines, so to speak, and see what it is the kids have available to watch on Saturday mornings. Driven by memories of waking up, enjoying a bowl of cereal and vegging out in front of the television were something we actually looked FORWARD to on the lead-in day of our weekly vacation.
After attempting this, I see why kids wake up and drink a beer, then go next door and jack all their neighbors' Christmas presents. I see how houses get burnt the fuck down. I see why these miserable little shits are miserable little shits.
Damn, what in the hell happened?
A wise man (Tony Grands) once (this morning at 3:11 my time) said "Nostalgia, like chivalry, only exists in our memories."and punctuated the sentence with a sad face.
What's equally sad is that I kind of EXPECTED this disappointment.

On the other hand, though...
What is NOT to be disappointed over is these chocolate Cheerios, these things are fucking amazing and have made my morning so far.


Tony Grands said…
Damn, I was ready to travel back in time with you.


Curious, Berenstein Bears, WordGirl, Maya & Miguel, Animalia, my son watches PBS @ all hours. It sucks that they can't enjoy Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends & Gumby, but @ least there's a lesson in every episode he emerges himself in. They even have a cartoon called The Book of Virtues.
Kousen Tora said…
Tony, the good thing is that a large majority of those cartoons are out on DVD.

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