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Yeah, I been seeing those credit repair/"fix your credit thingies" in different flavors around town for a LONG time, and I actually gave a little thought to using one of them last year, the vagueness of them worried me out of blowing my cash.

Here’s the thing, though… Like a great many colored folks, I was once young/dumb and in such kinda loose with my credit. All I knew is that I was given some payment devices and I would go on to use them without thinking about who would pay them and when. I have learned the error of my way. I set about the task of fixing the problem and making proper decisions and building proper habits. It was also an effective deterrent that I was made deathly afraid of credit by my prior fuckups.
As a great many of the two of you know, this approach – with some luck and an assist from a credit card company that has since closed their doors – led to my repairing that magic number that too few understand properly well enough to score a deed to some property with my name on it 366 days ago.

So I was thinking… What if I established a phone number, printed up some of those signs and started putting them all over the place?
No, stick with me here. I could get the phone number established – probably with a pager company so as to minimize cost to me – and man it with a voicemail beckoning people to send a Money Order for $250.00 to a PO Box. They would provide a list of standard information that one would expect to need to cough up when repairing their credit. Once the money orders are received, they are cashed at the post office or Western Union, whichever they were drawn on, and the peoples’ personal information shredded and tossed into file 13.

Wait, what?

I never said WHOSE credit was being repaired, just that credit was being repaired!
A money order is as good as cash, but to avoid being caught or traced, it would be CASHED and not deposited, then the cash deposited or used to pay the necessary bills to sway that FICO score closer and closer to that magic-but-seemingly unattainable number 800.

Again, the vagueness is the key here. Never claiming WHOSE credit rating is being fixed is the key to being able to take these gifts from people. I would use them to further repair my own and then building a proper nest egg with which to retire somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-40 years old so I can travel the world and have adventures and shit.

You can’t prove to me that this is not what THEY are doing, now can you?


Kousen Tora said…
*golf clap* To quote the gentlemen from the old Guinness Draft Commercials: "BRILLIANT!!!!"

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