"Guilty Pleasures"... a conversation

Thought of this one in the shower a few days back, then forgot to post it for 2 days at least… Just thought to do it from the phone just now.
Curiosity fully piqued, I figured that I would ask the people…

“Question of the day… What is/are your guilty pleasure/pleasures?”

Yeah, this one should be EXTRA fun, provided the people actually play along.

First respondent was former coworker/longtime friend-of-a-friend Lynette, with…

The next response was from the homie/forum member Mel, with…
"The Twilight Series and Vampire Diaries."

Next respondent asked to remain anonymous, and came with…
“You know what? If it is truly a pleasure then I am not guilty about it. I correct people on the most minor of things.
I wait for people to show an opinion on something, then disagree vehemently even if I do so while claiming to have no real opinion.
If anyone is enjoying anything that I happen not to, I must tell them how stupid they are for it, even if I simply don't understand said item.
I could keep going…”

[Phlip note – DAMN!!!]

Next would be the homie Joe, with…
"Oh boy... Well I might as well be 110% honest.... Pr0ns, Lady Gaga, Vocal Trance, buying cars I don't need and can't afford, 80's pop music, Kelly Clarkson, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand redheads."

Next was best friend, Roger, with…
"I dont have any. I dont feel guilty about anything i enjoy."

Next was my mother, with...
"I carly and Spongebob"

As for me?
Sheeit, I don’t know where to begin.

  • No song is safe in my clutches… When a song comes on the radio, I WILL change the words to it in varying levels of inappropriateness and hilarity, depending on my mood.

    To this ends, Afion Crockett's "Douche It!" caused Katie to ask "damn, was he in the car with us?"

  • I have developed a special skill for knowing when I am under someone’s skin and will set about the task of making them HATE me once I have decided that bridge should be burned.

  • It sometimes seems like I LIVE to give overly self-involved people the opposite of what they seek by simply not granting them the attention they seek, despite obvious advances.

  • Pr0ns

  • A habit of random and very disruptive noisemaking whenever a situation becomes too silent, even if it is a loud fart.

  • I am notorious for feeding nosy people just enough to keep them asking questions while stopping well short of telling them ANYTHING that they're actually seeking.

  • I curse too motherfucking much.

  • “What has been seen cannot be unseen,” in which most off times – time of year be damned – will see me walking around my house in nothing more than my drawz, but often nothing at all… You should probably call before coming over.

There is also a list of things that I can’t even think of right off the top of my head to put in this list. I’m sure of it. All of them WOULD count as “guilty pleasures” for most if not for the fact that, like Roger, if I were so put off by them that I felt guilty about them, then they would probably not be described as pleasures.
I just found it a bit interesting to see what people would share of their own.
Thanks, all!


Guilty doesn't mean no contest said…
1. Justin Timberlake.

2. Collecting Barbie Dolls.

3. Wearing the most outrageous and victimizing outfits possible. I walk the fine line of originally daring vs. crawled out of a 1989 garbage can.

4. Pudgy, nerdy guys with low self esteem. I make it a life goal to challenge them to come out of their basements by insulting their manhood.

5. Picking on pretty, bobble-headed girls. No bimbo is immune to my verbal assassination.

6. Popcorn and ice cream- together at last.

7.Farting in the car upon exit. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

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